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As you may have seen Facebook is now letting you stream live video directly to your timeline.

Facebook has gone to war with the other live streaming providers and because of this it is giving massive boosts for live videos on their platform, in fact it sky-rockets live videos to the top of our timelines.

When you go 'Live', notifications are sent to everyone who's Liked your page on Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg made it clear in recent comments that a huge emphasis is being placed on Facebook Live and connecting people across the platform using video.

To support that goal “Live” notifications are being sent to everyone that liked the page from where the broadcast originated.

Previously, someone would only receive a notification about a live stream if they had recently interacted with a page.​

One of my previous concerns was that the percentage of fans that would actually see your live stream in their feed could be as low as 5% of your total fan base.

With the new roll-out, live stream notifications are currently being sent out to ALL fans of a page regardless as to when they last interacted with it. Plus, Facebook will prioritise live feeds over saved videos in its ranking algorithm.​

Using LIVE Increases Your Engagement, Increases Your Sales! Simple!

Now's YOUR Chance To Reach Everyone!

I have just purchased the licence to use 'Facebook Live' for my own or my client videos.

Basically, it uses the Facebook Live video feed to make it look as though you are presenting a live broadcast when, in reality, you're showing something you prepared earlier.I can actually present live shows over the Facebook Timeline but there were some major issues, not least, trying to keep it going on a technical level as well as 'performing' to the camera … it wasn't easy and made the presenter look amateurish as there was simply too much to concentrate on.

So, the idea here is to show a pre-recorded presentation and show it live from my computer, over the Facebook network, as it were.

If you have a video that would suit this scenario, let me know and we can arrange for your very first live broadcast.

Why go live?

Facebook have found themselves getting left behind with live video, behind YouTube, Hangouts, SnapChat, Periscope and so on, and they HAD to do something about this.

They have now invested tens of millions of dollars in getting live video to their own platform.To encourage people to actually USE the live video stream, they are ensuing that live videos are guaranteed to be shown in front of more people than any other posting format.

Several of my tests went out to 100s of people instead of the usual fifty or sixty and a local pub who I market for has just hit the 10,000 mark.

Also EVERYONE who has Liked your page or group is NOTIFIED once you go live with your video. This attracts more people right from the first instant.

So, if you have something to notify people about or, indeed, have something to sell, then why not try this new live stream video system? 

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