Add Features To Your Videos

Features can be added to your videos when hosted with Marketing Bugle

Add Payment Hot Spot Buttons

Buy Now buttons can be added to your actual video presentation and work on Facebook, too

Add Sign-Up Boxes

Sign-up boxes can be added to your video when hosted with Marketing Bugle

Hosting on free or budget servers is all very well and can have its place but it is also very risky for businesses to do so.

The ‘Social Proof’ that can work so well for businesses can go against you when a visitor lands by your video only to see that it’s only had 11 views. So they go to your other videos and see that the next has had 19 views, another 9 views and yet another 17 views. All of a sudden your ‘expert’ on the video doesn’t look so popular after all and this can work against you. It’s social proof that your videos aren’t being viewed.

The other thing is that the free or budget hosts present the viewer with a list of all your competitors down the side of the page and then, all over your video, once it’s finished playing. So all the hard work and money you have put into the video production goes to helping your competitors have their video feature next to your yours as they are ‘related videos’. This is bad news for your business.

Also, ‘Comments’ left by small-minded people can give the wrong impression as well. Take a look around the popular video websites and see how many comments are rude, crude or put you in a bad light. You have no control over what is posted about your video.

Another, often overlooked, reason to be in control of your video hosting is because you are branding the free host, not your business AND they steal all your traffic. You have spent your valuable time, energy and money on your video only to practically throw it all away in helping your competitors get your potential customers.

There are so many distractions once a viewer gets to the page where your video is being displayed that your video has immediately competition and, once a viewer has choices, they don’t do anything or they forget what they came there for and start watching other ‘entertaining’ videos.

Of course, every business needs to do everything within their power to get, hold and keep their prospect’s attention. That’s why some of the most successful websites on the Internet are called ‘Sales Letter’ websites. This kind of website is focused on one thing and one thing only … making sales. They do this by guiding and directing a visitor, from stat to finish, through their entire sales sequence … without distraction. Having them visit a video website is NOT keeping their attention, its down-right losing it.

While we’re looking at reasons not to use free hosting, let’s look at copyright infringement. If the host thinks you are using music, for example, that you’re not licenced for, they will flag your video. Look out if you haven’t got proof that you have the rights to the music … they will remove your video or display a copyright infringement notice right across the screen making you look like some kind of criminal. For example, I have the licence to use everything I upload but I got warnings every week about one thing or another. People I know have had their entire accounts closed down for this and, indeed, every website that embeds any of their videos stop working as a result. Not good for businesses by any stretch of the imagination.

Outages occur so often on free or budget hosting so when you are asking your potential customer to checkout your product or service, all they see is a blank screen and the video won’t start.

Marketing Bugle use the most reliable servers in the world (also backed up and have servers kick-in the second one goes down, should it happen).

The final two reasons; Anyone can download your videos, alter them and use them as their own. Even your competitors can so this.

Finally, most companies block the use of websites like YouTube. We’ve all heard of someone complaining that they can’t view YouTube videos while at work because their company has blocked the site from their systems. In fact, YouTube is the 3rd most blocked website in the world.

The answer?

Publish and host your videos with a paid service that brands and promotes you and ONLY you.

Of course, this isn’t as easy as it sounds as, in the world of video publishing there are a number of fairly big challenges. Most of the paid hosting sites available are set up for big businesses with large marketing budgets. They’re companies like Kaltura, Panopto, Brighcove, Vzaar, Wistia and quite a few others. Their plans start at around £80.00 a month and up for a decent amount of video views (200GB bandwidth) with many of their plans running into the hundreds of pounds per month.

So, if you want to get a way from the free video hosting sites (that all want to steal your traffic) then your choices for paid hosting services can very quickly become quite expensive.

The other major challenge is some of these services are VERY tech-heavy. They’re built by computer engineers who’ve made it extremely difficult for the average person to figure out. You need a degree in computer science, or computer engineering before you start out, as well as a very large budget.

The answer is Marketing Bugle’s video service where we can host your video at affordable prices AND market them properly.

The service launches mid July and features an add-on that enables you to make your videos work harder for you. It’s quite unique and WILL make a difference to the responses that you receive and, ultimately, the number of sales.

It also works on platforms like, Facebook. It is currently pretty difficult to do much with a video on Facebook but we will be able to make your business videos totally interactive.

Contact us to find out more about video hosting and how to enhance each video you have produced.