It's True!  Marketing Bugle Launches Web-Hosting Service

Being a marketing business, naturally we have cause to build websites for clients and, indeed, find hosting for them to run their websites on.

This has been fine up to a point but, now, with the most reliable and fastest technology available, Marketing Bugle are about to launch their very own web-hosting service for business clients.

Hosting has become cheaper over the years but the reliability, speed and security seemed to have gotten worse. Customer service and support has been thinned down to an all-time low.

Rather than pass this, less than perfect, service onto clients, Marketing Bugle are now able to supply the service directly. Using the latest (and fastest) SSD technology, back-up systems and customer service, Marketing Bugle Web-Hosting is about to launch in January 2017. More details here.

A new dedicated website is soon to launch for this service.

Using Fastest SSD Technology - Business Special Hosting

Blade Technology - Marketing Bugle Hosting

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