Marketing Bugle Web Hosting Is Here!

For a number of years I have hosted on 3rd party servers for client websites. This is mainly because I have never taken on a client just for hosting alone but, rather, as Marketing Bugle is all about marketing, obviously this involved building websites for businesses.

Over the years I have hosted a large number of websites and, recently, it has become much easier and much more reliable to have my own hosting service instead of outsourcing it to another company.

Back in the 1990s it simply wasn’t affordable nor advisable for a marketing company to actually provide the hosting, However, things have changed and it is now possible to provide the fastest, most secure and reliable hosting systems that can provide a straightforward service to end users.

Marketing Bugle use SSD systems (no moving parts) unlike most hosting providers who still use old fashioned spinning hard disk drives where failure rates are traditionally high.

Now, quality services can be offered at affordable prices.

The difference with our hosting, apart from the speed and reliability, is that because we are online marketers, your website naturally performs much better and your business thrives.

Overall, putting our current online marketing strategies together with our very own hosting services simply makes sense and this ‘all in one’ solution is already working for a number of businesses in the UK.

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Martyn Brown, Online marketing consultant​

Rackmount Servers

Rackmount servers can run dual eight core CPU's, a mixture of 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps networking, a large amount of RAID protected SAS, SSD or SATA hard drives and up to 192 GB RAM.


We have a number of Dell Equallogic storage units and other rackmount machines containing many high capacity hard drives used for data storage. All utilise RAID technology to improve performance and provide redundancy.