…. The result is; Bugle Viral Business-Sites, and they’ll be ready by December 5th 2016 but you can order now.

You Choose The Theme - The Website Does The Magic

Make 'Not Finding Content' a Thing of The Past

Not having enough time to work on your site is just one issue.

Another is not being able to think of content to post.

Another, still, is find that your website simply doesn’t rank very quickly, if at all.

Marketing Bugle have come up with a WordPress ‘engine’ that is designed to rank sites once the content is in place.

Content can be created using ‘Bugle Bot*’ or manually but with a helping hand.

Posts can be scheduled for when you are away or ‘lists’ can be created to make your site lively, interactive and Shareable.

Visitors can subscribe to your site and add content as well so, extra keywords come into play.

Your site also accepts advertising from 3rd party vendors, Google and Amazon so you can earn affiliate commissions as you go. Google Adsense, for example, pays you every time a visitor clicks on the Ad featured on any of your web pages.

Let Visitors Help Post Keyword-Rich Content - Then Share It

Earn An 'Extra' Income From Ads Featured On Your Site (optional)

There are several of these viral websites already in place which are piloting the system and where they definitely rank quickly and sales clock up with your advertising.

They look good, too. Layout, colour and other elements can be altered at any time.

The sites can be integrated with your current email newsletter autoresponder, too.

You can add as many pages as required.
All legal pages are included in the price of the website.
You have unlimited bandwidth so your sites don’t slow down when busy.
Domains are hosted on fast SSD drives so run up to 16x faster than standard-drive hosting.
Sites are backed up for peace of mind

There are two optional extras for each site built. The first is to have the scheduler** added (comes with Bugle Bot) and the second is to have content added to your site each month*** and new subscribers joining in order to build and rank your site faster. These are REAL people leaving original content and who will backlink your website from other sites to yours, again, in order to rank on the search engines quickly and stay there.

Click The Sample Site Links Below To 'try them out'

Sample sites (shown to give an idea of the different themes) can be see by clicking the appropriate links below.

To book a site, contact Marketing Bugle today.

Sample site 01: British Steam Train

Sample site 02: Video Creation

Sample site 03: Motorsport

Sample site 05: Toys

Sample site 06: Home Makeover

Sample site 07: Offshore Pirate Radio​

Sample site 08: Hospital Radio News​

You can, of course, have ANY theme you please, however, some themes are already built to get you started within the hour.

Marketing Bugle can also set up blank websites and add content for you and where training is given so you’ll know exactly how to have your new website fully interactive.

*Bugle Bot – This is a clever piece of coding that searches and finds content for you based on your keywords appropriate to your business niche.

** The Scheduler creates posts and can either post them live or into draft (so you can check them before they go live). When you have Bugle Bot, the scheduler is built-in.

*** The content added by real humans, extra subscribers and backlinks is a monthly service.