It got to the stage where nothing surprised me when it came to new products or services from the team at Marketing Bugle.  We've had QR Codes before anybody really knew what they were, SMS Text Customer Loyalty systems and now .... wait for it, 360 degree Virtual Tours.  But, it has to be said, it's not like all the others out there ... it's affordable for a start.

Current customers of Martyn Brown, Viva! Mobile and Marketing Bugle are often asked if they would like to pilot a new programme which is about to be launched across the land and, eventually, the offer will go out to anyone who may be interested.  However, in the case of Virtual Tours, there was a queue of people ready and willing to try out the brand new product.

Virtual Tours are nothing new of course but, you can bet your bottom dollar that Marketing Bugle will do something unique to make the product better for those who come on board through them, rather than anyone else.

?Estate agents have been offered, and occasionally used, Virtual Tours to show a potential viewer of a property around each room and the gardens.  It's as though you are stood in the room turning around 360 degrees and, therefore, the temtpation to book a viewing is stronger than ever, as opposed to looking at some still images or reading the write up about each property, which simply leave most people still wondering.

The price has always been, and still is in most cases, very high and, therefore, Virtual Tours have always been something of a luxury to present.

Marketing Bugle can now photograph local business premises and properties, edit the presentation and then upload to a web page or Facebook very quickly.  A QR Code is associated with each presentation and videos are also produced as well as the actual Virtual Tour.  The whole package is a fraction of the price charged by those who have been doing it for years but, now, it's available to all.

Info spots can be added to the Virtual Tour along with 'Hotspots' that take you from one room to another when clicked or tapped upon.  They run on computers and mobile devices, too.

For more details, visit Done For You Internet who are running the pilot scheme.  More details will follow once fully launched in a few week's time.?

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