I’m getting into the new ‘Periscope’ App more and more, I find, after realising its full potential over the past few months.

Since its launch around five months ago, 10,000,000 new users have registered and it’s growing super-fast every day.

Simply put, the Twitter owned Periscope video recording App is a way for people to explore the world through someone else’s eyes.

However, you know me … once a new software reaches the Internet, I look for ways in which business users can benefit from it. Normally free, these Apps and pieces of software can be very useful when first launched as they allow a user to do so much on it that would otherwise not be possible or that would cost the earth to implement.

It’s not until the software gets to be the ‘most used on the Internet’ that they start messing with it (normally to earn some money from advertisers) that its true usefulness starts to wane and a business has to start paying for the right to gain anything from it, financially.

Anyhow, recording Scopinars (Webinars), live ‘Podcasts’ Scopecasts? … probably 🙂 tours of your business, running challenges, Workshops or Workscopes (I’m making these up now, but I’m sure it’ll catch on), training shows, music spots, tips and advice slots, regular ‘update’ broadcasts, coaching or consulting classes, estate agent property tours, Auctions, sponsored events, Crowd-Scoping, Scope as a Service etc. etc., could make you lots of money through selling via the Periscope medium.

This is Social Media at its most inventive and it is running fast like wildfire all around the world.

The simple things work best, as always and all your viewer needs to do is download the App to view on their Smartphone, PC, iPad, Iphone etc..

This is great news for those in business as you can do so much right from your Smartphone by way of video and audio.

No matter where you are or what you are doing, if you have your mobile phone with you, you could be earning money or, let’s face it, just having fun.

The Periscope platform is getting bigger every day, very quickly so, get on board soon to benefit from this early take-up. Marketing Bugle will be adding this as a service soon (I’m just building one of two websites that are going to be dedicated to it … watch this space) and where a simple video or video series can catapult your sales instantly; this is exciting.

10,000,000 Users In Just 4 Months

Local Business Can Benefit From Periscope

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