Marketing Bugle have a number of different 'Sales Funnels' in operation at any one time, both for themselves and their clients.

They are all pretty-well based on the same foundations, though. Until now.

This new funnel is designed for higher tickets items … those products or services that cost a few hundred or, even, a few thousand pounds for your client to sign up to or to purchase.

By making major alterations to the, so called 'standard' sales funnel, it can now qualify your potential clients before you ever get to chat with them about how you can help them.

Using intelligent webinar systems, surveys and calendars, you can nail it and get your ideal customer every time. If you use consultations to gain customers but are getting too many 'no's' or, not getting any leads at all, then this will be for you.

Launching in August 2017, Bugle HTI (High Ticket Item) really will be the ultimate sales funnel that has proven to work every time for our pilot programme users and similar programmes that are already in existence but that we have improved upon exponentially.

Simple Process That Generates 'High Ticket' Leads

One of the successful 'High Ticket' funnel suggestions

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