After what can only be described as a ‘shaky start’ to my Facebook Ad marketing, I seem to have now mastered it very well. It’s taken a few months but now I can pretty easily bring the Cost Per Click down to pennies from pounds and get some decent click through rates going out to an ideal audience.

If you’ve taken a look at Facebook Ads and ‘Retargeting’ advertising on Social Media, you’ll, no doubt, have found it confusing, daunting and awkward … most businesses do, it seems.

It doesn’t help that Facebook keep changing the rules and the layout of the Ad Manager every few weeks.

However, having said that, it DOES work well if you know what you’re doing and I can now, officially, claim to be at that level.

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Facebook advertising pricing starts at £295.00 per month which includes £50.00 Ad spend. Although nobody can guarantee results (at first, the target is always moving, so to speak), once you start profiting from your Ad campaigns, there’s no stopping you and where Facebook allow you to create ‘Lookalike’ audiences on your, already proven successful, campaigns. This grows your response rates and, in turn, your sales. You then keep regular campaigns running, KNOWING that you’re going to profit each month. It’s a nice position to be in.

Contact Marketing Bugle to get your business Ad campaign going.

Facebook Ads also work for forthcoming events so, get more attendees by building your campaigns nice and early.

Whether you're selling a product, service or a forthcoming event, Facebook Ads are proving VERY effective!

Marketing Bugle can run your Social Media Ad campaigns

Going it alone with Pay Per Click advertising can be costly - Let Marketing Bugle do it for you for best results

Marketing Bugle can run your Social Media Ad campaigns

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