Oh, doesn’t it just make your business life easier when you can type just one short article and then post it to EVERY single Social Media account that you run?

Of course … anything that saves time, saves money.

Once upon a time, Marketing Bugle (or ‘Working Hours’ as the business was named back in the 1990s) automation was the way forward but, in more recent times, it simply doesn’t do the job intended.

People in general are clued up to marketing techniques and, when they see your automated messages on Facebook, then on Twitter then on LinkedIn, then on Google+ etc. etc., they become ‘ad-blind’ and soon start to completely ignore your messages.

Online software like, Hootsuite is all very well but it needs to be used sensibly.

Back in the early days of Internet Marketing (when Marketing Bugle was a monthly business magazine) everything was quickly automated so that repetitive tasks were outsourced to either automatic programs or to other countries for other workers to deal with.

It used to work and work well. Responses were high and sales followed suit.

However, today, try your automation out now … the responses are practically zero. You need to engage with your potential customer or readers and build a relationship, manually.

It really is worth having one of your staff members spend dedicated time to Social Media tasks as it can make all the difference. Sales do come, no, not right off the page but eventually. And you’ll find that, once a person has purchased from you once, they’ll do so over and over again.

You need to post quality messages, answer questions, give useful information that people can use to their benefit. In the end, when they are ready to buy, they buy from you.

It is no good building a smart looking blog if you can’t keep it up. You need to post quality content on a regular basis. Search engines will like this as well and so rank you higher for your correctly chosen keywords.

Try a few months of manually posting your comments, messages and articles and spot the difference … the difference being, you will get sales.

It's All About Building Relationships ...
Get Sales - Try MANUALLY Posting Your Social Media Content

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