The cause for not ranking in search engine results, the reason Google ‘dislikes’ your site, why you aren’t getting (m)any new customers via online marketing and why you never seem to sell anything from your website is all down to one main thing … your current website isn’t working for you.

Yes, it does look good, doesn’t it?

After all, you paid very good money for it so it must convert visitors into customers, surely?

Well, actually, no. Good looking sites don’t sell. Look how plain Amazon’s website is for a start. That’s because it’s designed to SELL and not to have the Wow! factor.

Your Existing Website May Not Be Capable

Is it time to move up a level with your webiste?

It Could Be Time To Socialise & Interact

Start socialising and interacting with your business

I’ve seen people try to fix their website but it’s just good money after bad. The best thing to do is build a simpler site (with proven components that actually work for your business) and scrap your existing website. Why so dramatic? Because your current website is not built using code that makes your web pages ‘responsive’.

Google has announced that they no longer rank sites highly if they are not responsive. As 97% of online searches are put through Google, it’s worth listening to them.

‘Responsive’ doesn’t mean that your front page just fits onto the screen of a mobile phone or tablet computer, it means that the layout of your pages reconstructs automatically to give the user a better experience of navigation, viewing and reading the site. So menus form in a bigger and clearer state, images line up and text boxes order themselves and respond to the shape and size of your viewing device’s screen.

This was once optional but now it’s mandatory or you simply won’t get ranked as highly if at all.

Another thing your old website might be lacking is a ‘name capture’ applet. If you’re not taking names and emails from your interested visitors, you’re losing 98% of them without a word.

We’re not talking ‘Join Our Newsletter’ here, we’re talking about squeezing the name and email address out of the visitor in exchange for a free gift. They won’t sign up if you aren’t going to give them anything. That’s why you’re not getting anyone join you.

Ensure you KNOW your website is working for your business

You'll be happier knowing your website is working for you

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No headline, sub-head, images or video? Plain blogging went out years ago … today it’s all about Sharing and Interacting. YOU may not like Facebook or Twitter but your potential customer is using them so, you ought to as well. It’s good for business. Be where your customers hang out, it makes sense.

Posting an article of text on Facebook may get you an average of, say, 30 views. Posting an article of text AND an image will get you more. And posting text, images AND video will get even more. The more interaction, the better. When people interact by replying, Liking and Sharing, you’ll get many more, again, view your post. This is your message getting out to the masses … your target audience. A person wouldn’t Share you post if they weren’t interested in what you are talking about so, already you know they are qualified to advertise in front of.

Back to your website. Does it load quickly enough? Too long and you’ll lose visitors, especially from slow devices like mobile phones. You need to ensure you have a fast loading website.

Will your website crash after you advertise and a number of people visit your site all at the same time. Low bandwidth can be losing you potential customers every day.

Does your site support proper SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) are you using ‘alt text’ on your images? Have you researched your keywords and phrases?

Using keywords in your headlines (you do use headlines, don’t you?), sub-heads and in the body of your article text is a must on every page.

Do you have Privacy Policy, T&Cs, Disclaimer, About Us, Contact Us and Cookies Policy pages? 4 of those are required by Google in all cases and one is the LAW here in the UK and Europe. Now can you see why your site isn’t ranking and attracting new visitors and sales?

CMS (Content Management System) can be added to your website so that it is super-easy to set up and configure in order to ensure you have the correct requirements to survive online with your own business. However, adding this to a static HTML site would be too time consuming and expensive to do and so it would be best to scrap your website and start with a platform that supports everything and is totally future proof. Marketing Bugle can do that for you.

Get in touch with Martyn Brown at Marketing Bugle. He will be able to help.

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