Today I bring you a fantastic 'something different' add-on ... Radio Show Sponsorship or, 'Support' as we like to call it.

This is not your ‘ordinary’ radio show (do we ever do anything that is ordinary?) or, rather, what happens to the show isn’t ordinary.

In a nutshell I am looking for businesses that would like their details ‘mentioned’ on the radio show rather than a blatant commercial as you hear on some commercial radio stations. This is better as people do go ‘ad blind’ and so the show’s presenter giving a product or service a mention is ‘heard’ by the listener and it also gives the business more credibility.

Your supported show is then listed with the entire Hospital Radio Broadcasting network. The shows are one hour long and can be anything from easy listening music to rock. Each station then selects the shows they wish to put onto their schedule.

Shows may be selected very often, less often or not at all but we do monitor everything.

Your supported show can then be put onto Podcast (and available on Apple’s iTunes), advertised by using targeted Facebook ads, for example, so that only those appropriate to your business area will see the advertisement and, hence, you only receive hot leads.

This really is something different and, as always, we need to test things out to ensure all fine-tuning can be completed before general release.

Some businesses are sponsoring shows that are broadcast with a proven audience of over half a million listeners ... could you use this publicity?

Contact us now to be involved.

Hospital Radio - Bigger Audiences Than Ever Before

**UPDATE: Online radio stations are now taking these shows to playout 24/7 on their stations. This means and even BIGGER potential audience to hear your marketing message.

Hospital Radio - Bigger Audiences Than Ever Before

Click the play button below for a sample show.  This is Vinyl Impressions 103 with selections by Gill Turland from The Seven Stars pub restaurant in Wool, nr Wareham, Dorset who sponsored the show.

The Vinyl Impressions - Vinyl Pop Hits