Premium Websites Are Proven Winners

Better websites - Super-fast load times

Premium websites are hosted on InMotion servers.  See the difference between ordinary hard disk drives in the image above compared to SSD used by Marketing Bugle.

This technology, used in conjunction with our new website builder software means reliability and super-fast website page load times.

Join us now and experience the difference for you and your business.​

Up To 20x Faster Than Your Current Website Servers

Latest Technology On Super-Fast Servers

Marketing Bugle can now offer a brand new premium website build service using the very latest technology. This means better looking websites with Wow! factor and higher rankings.

Due to the way the ‘engine room’ has been set up, it presents everything the way the search engines like it and it looks good with the human eye, too.

Although they are more difficult to actually build, it’s worth it in the end. They are higher priced to build than conventional sites using the old technology but the pay off is the better ranking, fast load times and the combinations of layouts available.

Marketing Bugle have been testing the system on two of their own websites and have just launched a new client site with positive results.

More features are being added every month and Marketing Bugle will be the first to test them out.

We now use only SSD based servers which are solid state and do not rely on slow spinning hard drives anymore. As there are no moving parts, sites load up to 20x faster than ordinary sites do running on the old fashioned servers and are much more reliable.

Existing clients can upgrade their current websites at a special offer price.

Contact us for further details.

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