Turn A Few Views Into Hundreds with Video

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Even 'small' events can reach numbers like this
Turn average reach of 30 into hundreds with Poster Videos
Increase your 'Reach' GUARANTEED with 'Poster Vids'
This simple menu reached 700 more people than the business' average in just 48 hrs
This video performed better than 80% of all other posts from the last 90 days in just two hours
The increase in the average 'Reach' of your promotion can be seen almost instantly
'Poster Vid' Ads can be made into clickable links to any webpage

All videos can have a 'Call To Action' which, when clicked, takes them to the page where they can sign up, view or take up your offer.  We can also add overlays like labels, Social Media and 'Buy Now' buttons etc..

All in all, the new Poster Vids (so called because the video can be made up from an existing poster or flyer of your promotion, hence, the lower cost of production) have proven to enhance your advert reach by hundreds or thousands at a price that is sensible for the event you are holding.

Make Small-Time Bigger!

Marketing Bugle have been producing promo videos for over two years now and the service is getting busier all the time. More and more people are turning to video promotion than ever before to ensure their message gets a response.

Guaranteed More Views On Facebook Posts

However, some smaller concerns have ‘small-time’ events that don’t warrant having bigger budget investments put into them. For example, a local pub recently held a coffee morning where they needed to promote it but only enough to make it worthwhile, ie, not with a full blown video promotion. They did, however, realise that having a video WOULD ensure that the event was a complete success.

To this end, the guys at Marketing Bugle came up with a solution that was both affordable to the local pub and yet very effective.

The resulting video attracted 774 video plays instead of the normal post views reaction of 30 to 60 people. This was quite impressive, to say the least.

How did we achieve this? By taking the pub’s flier that they had created for the occasion and making a video out of just this. See the sample below we used on another promotion which will give you an idea of how it works.

Production costs for this are very low with just a few camera movements and a voiceover (with music) looking over the flier, poster or mailshot (or even a website’s pages) creates a very effective video.

How come? The technology behind Facebook can gear the number of people that any post is shown to. However, videos are shown to the most people and Facebook ensures that keywords, description, status updates, Likes, Comments and Shares are all taken into account.

This makes for a VERY powerful promotional campaign. And, as Facebook are currently determined to outperform YouTube.com (which it does as far as creating business is concerned) they are giving those who upload videos a much better output than any other type of post.

Get in touch with Marketing Bugle for these video details which you can book for just £50.00 including uploading and promotion for the duration of the campaign. You’ll see the difference it makes right away, that’s a promise.


Sample 'Poster Vids' - Affordable Short Videos For Your 'Small-Time' Events

Screenshot Video Method - Beating over 80% of all other posts, from last 90 days, in just 2 hours

Webpage Video Method - Taking pages from different sites and focusing on them with music and voiceover

Overlay Video Method - Short and good for standalone video intro.  Keeps branding consistant

Leaflet/Flyer Video Method - Simply scanning your flyer can create a video that reaches hundreds or thousdands of people