Oh, doesn’t it just make your business life easier when you can type just one short article and then post it to EVERY single Social Media account that you run?

Of course … anything that saves time, saves money.

Once upon a time, Marketing Bugle (or ‘Working Hours’ as the business was named back in the 1990s) automation was the way forward but, in more recent times, it simply doesn’t do the job intended.

People in general are clued up to marketing techniques and, when they see your automated messages on Facebook, then on Twitter then on LinkedIn, then on Google+ etc. etc., they become ‘ad-blind’ and soon start to completely ignore your messages.

Online software like, Hootsuite is all very well but it needs to be used sensibly.

Back in the early days of Internet Marketing (when Marketing Bugle was a monthly business magazine) everything was quickly automated so that repetitive tasks were outsourced to either automatic programs or to other countries for other workers to deal with.

It used to work and work well. Responses were high and sales followed suit.

However, today, try your automation out now … the responses are practically zero. You need to engage with your potential customer or readers and build a relationship, manually.

It really is worth having one of your staff members spend dedicated time to Social Media tasks as it can make all the difference. Sales do come, no, not right off the page but eventually. And you’ll find that, once a person has purchased from you once, they’ll do so over and over again.

You need to post quality messages, answer questions, give useful information that people can use to their benefit. In the end, when they are ready to buy, they buy from you.

It is no good building a smart looking blog if you can’t keep it up. You need to post quality content on a regular basis. Search engines will like this as well and so rank you higher for your correctly chosen keywords.

Try a few months of manually posting your comments, messages and articles and spot the difference … the difference being, you will get sales.

It's All About Building Relationships ...
Get Sales - Try MANUALLY Posting Your Social Media Content

Marketing Bugle has added new software to its portfolio of products in order to get websites ranked even quicker and remain stable throughout.

So many sites have not adapted to the search engine’s ‘algorithm’ changes and, as a result, they are dropping from the rankings like flies.

So many businesses put their trust into any old SEO company to do their online marketing for them but, after a while, things start to be ill-effective and, most often, without the business really noticing this decline as they are so busy working in their business.


Search Engine Databases Can Hold The Secret Of Your SEO Planning

How Come?

Google does not rank websites, it ranks PAGES. It sets rules or processes that form its Algorithm. If your site falls foul of these rules, it earns less ranking points, so to speak and, therefore, won’t display as high in the results pages, when a reader performs a search, as a site that does conform to the rules.

So what once may have earned ‘Google love’, may not be appropriate any longer … however, your SEO company will probably still be applying the same old rules to your pages as it’s always done.

Eventually, you find your website sliding down the results pages. It’s not a simply case of altering what is going wrong to correct it but a case of keeping up, at all times, with these algorithm changes and having the right tools in place to use together with the expertise required. Few SEO companies do this for their customers, they just leave them where they were after the initial fee was paid. This may sound harsh, but it is something that we here at Marketing Bugle have noticed over and over again. SEO is ongoing, as you may know, month in, month out all year BUT, it needs to be constantly updated and corrected using up to date tools and by people who know what they are doing rather than performing ‘just another day job task’.

Our most recent addition to our research tools allows us to carefully monitor things at all times and, what’s most important, keep up with the ever-changing rules that are set by the search engines on the Internet.

Bing, Google, Yahoo and so on change these aforementioned algorithms every few months with ongoing updates during the weeks in between so, it’s a must to keep working on your online marketing rather than in pockets of time frames or, even worse, ‘automated’ systems so that one believes things are being performed effectively when they could be doing more harm than good.

Our keyword research now uses no less than six major sources to make suggestions in each website niche.

Competition data is vital if you are to rank as well as your competitors or even out-rank them altogether. Marketing Bugle can now do this very efficiently.

Planning your keywords for onsite SEO or Pay Per Click campaigns can be a very long and complicated process but, when performed correctly, can achieve tremendous results. Marketing Bugle do this using up to date tools while others continue to use old and tired programs that simply don’t produce the most effective keywords anymore.

Analysing keywords to produce our in depth SEO reports helps discover the most popular and highest converting products so you have a head start on your competitors. Find out what they are using and where (while out-ranking your on the results pages) so you then know what you need to be doing.

Finding articles and ideas for your website, blog or Social Media platform can be very difficult. Writing it yourself would take valuable time and resources so, we have the tools to find related content including articles, videos, images and more. We also have a tool that finds out what questions people are asking about your kind of product or service, so that you’ll know what to give visitors when they visit your website pages.

All of the above is just the tip of the iceburg but it covers some of the most important aspects of Search Engine Optimisation.

Marketing Bugle have been working with SEO since the mid 1990s so, nobody has more experience.

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