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Retargeting Services from Marketing Bugle.

What is retargeting?

Often called ‘Remarketing’ but we here at Marketing Bugle believe it’s more like retargeting the visitor you originally targeted as your ideal customer. Hence the name.

Retargeting is a form of advertising online that helps keep your brand in front of people who ‘bounced’ off of your website without buying or, at least, without giving you their contact details.

Retargeting allows you to keep showing your pre-determined Ad to them even after they leave your website or the place where you originally advertised.

The average conversion of your online Ads is around 2% but retargeting improves this to an incredible 98% for businesses as you are now reaching out to an audience who WANT to hear from you. They’ve shown an interest by clicking on your first Ad.

Your second Ad, the Retargeting Ad, is geared towards them specifically as you know now KNOW that they are your ideal customer.

If it’s so amazing then why isn’t everybody doing it?

Simple … Retargeting works when you’ve got an audience to Retarget … you need to create this audience first. You can’t just press a button and it all starts working (as some would have you believe) you need to have tools and strategies in place in order to do this properly.

The expertise required is a very high level, yes, businesses can do it themselves but would need to employ a specialist in this field in order to make the most of it. There are many horror stories about how frightening PPC (Pay Per Click) is but this is purely because the operator didn’t know how to perform it correctly.

Isn’t it very expensive?

The whole idea is to learn what doesn’t work and what does, very quickly. Otherwise it can cost you dear and nobody wants to see their budget disappearing overnight.

Marketing Bugle never rushes into a project, rather, we take the time to properly research it and only then design our first Ad. We ‘Split-Test’ to ensure we are using the very BEST performing Ad and run with it.

The CPC (Cost Per Click) soon comes down and the ROI (Return On Investment) for the business is always good. We simply don’t run poorly performing Ads.

Ultimately, the business may be paying £500.00 per month plus Adspend, (for example) BUT, they are getting much more than that back. The annual value of a customer can far outweigh the cost of acquisition.

For more details, contact Marketing Bugle. There will be a number of packages available to suit all business budgets.

Retargeting Creates Profits

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5 New Launches From Marketing Bugle

Releasing new services throughout the year used to be the norm for the team at Marketing Bugle but 2015 is different as we are launching new, fully tested, marketing services on rolling weeks. This gives us the chance to focus fully on what we do rather than have to get involved in new launches in a scatter-gun approach at odd times during the year.

Once we have fully released all the new services, we can then get started helping our clients to achieve their marketing goals with the very latest technology and programming. Take a look at what’s coming up over the next few weeks then, please get in touch to get the strategies working for you. More customers, more often at affordable prices … that’s what we aim for every time.

Below: Instant Name Capture In Your Facebook Account


Forthcoming Launches

W/c 9th February 2015: Bugle Directories for Facebook (we drive traffic using FB Ads)

W/c 16th February 2015: Bugle Video Portals

W/c 23rd February 2015: Bugle Posts (we post to your FB account with appropriate content)

W/c 2nd March 2015: Bugle Call (your lead-generating ‘Call To Action’ that improves responses)

W/c 9th March 2015: Bugle Funnel (a complete ‘sales funnel’ for your business online that WORKS)

All services above can be integrated with one another to enhance any promotion.

Full details of Bugle Directory can be found here; BUGLE DIRECTORY INFO

Other details will be posted on this blog within the next few days.

Also available; (see product page for more services)

Videos (whiteboard scribe promotional) with Live-Link overlays

Survey creation and marketing

Special Deal ‘apps’ with Countdown timers

Landing page creation

email Autoresponders

Facebook Ads agency (we run your ad campaigns for you … better results)

Podcasting (we can host and publish your Podcast)



Bugle Video Websites – With A Difference

Automatically imports, sorts, and stores appropriate videos to your business niche

SEO is Built In

The most advanced video curator ever built

Fully mobile responsive

Automatic lead-generation system built in

Works on your Facebook Fanpage

Takes advertising from YOUR clients, if required

C O M I N G – S O O N

See Facebook Version


Automatically Adds Video Content

Sample DJ website, Click to see bigger image

Don’t waste your time, effort and money by discarding your ‘failed’ promo videos.

Send them to Marketing Bugle to bring them back to life.

It’s rarely the fault of the video content itself, you’ll have done your best to get that part right.

It’s how you prepare your video for the actual marketing part that is failing you.

Marketing Bugle can make your video ‘interactive’ by adding Live-Link overlays by way of your transparent logo, for example, or labelled button with a ‘Call To Action’ and even a name and email capture form so that viewers can request more details, ‘Buy Now’ or subscribe to your newsletter.

Any Live-Link can be to any destination, ie, web page, another video, download and so on. All features work perfectly on Facebook pages, as well.

Contact Marketing Bugle for more details.

First Ever Business Directory Inside Of Facebook

Now Anyone Can Run Their Own Directory For Their Own Local Area Right On Their Facebook Page

Several people have asked about our new local Directory, yes, the one that we mentioned on our blog a few weeks ago. They were asking, ‘Why the delay in bringing it out live?’

Well it has been delayed but it hasn’t … the ‘delay’ is because, after testing it and piloting varying versions, Marketing Bugle weren’t 100% happy with the big picture and so, back to the drawing board for the various changes to be implemented.

The new version of the Directory is so different from what it was, it’s like a brand new product reflecting differently on our original plans for the programme.

So, rather, not delayed but a launch of something much, much better.

It’s currently being piloted by hundreds of end users and with any bugs being ironed out from the programming code.

So what’s so different?

Firstly, the complete Directory can be installed onto your Facebook page (or any Facebook page) with complete listings from local businesses including advertising spaces around the featured business.

Directories can be based on any niche whatsoever and can be a mixture of a number of different niches, too.

We even create a 'Magic URL' link so that those needing to view your Directory outside of Facebook can do so and view it on mobile devices of any type.  They are fully mobile responsive.

The orginal Directory could only be installed and viewed via a standard website and took an age to configure correctly.

The ‘behind the scenes’ code and back-shop settings are a joy to work with. Clients can have their own accounts to edit, add, delete items and also view the stats of how many people have subscribed or made enquiries.

Below is the link to a basic site with no added listings as yet but it does give an idea of how it might look.

Demo Directory Page To Show A Basic Layout

Autoresponders can be added for auto subscribing potential customers. Live links can be added to any banner image etc.. Advertising can be displayed around any listing or any listing can have the entire entry for themselves.

More details will follow as we pilot the Directory over the coming weeks.


How Something So Simple Has Been Overlooked For So Long ... Online Surveys Deliver Surprising Results

Surveys build leads from first five minutes after launch

Start with simple survey using 'Guided Missile Survey' Programme. It can be added to Facebook as well.

Direct recipient's email address to email auto-responder (automatic when using our survey system).

Keep in touch with these people with a sequence of pre-determined ordered email responses.  This should be a regular sequence using carefully desinged content proudced by an experienced copy writer (we do this for you).

Use appropriate tools like landing pages, text messaging, coupons and more surveys on a continuous basis.

Your subscriber list builds daily so responses to your product and service marketing is at a peak at all times.

Contact Marketing Bugle to see how it works.?

'Guided Missile Surveys' Hit Perfect Potential Customers

In recent years we've largely ignored creating online surveys, apart from the odd research project, that is.  It is very useful to ASK your customers what they think, especially when you are working on a new product or service.

However, after being involved heavily in the testing of a new online survey creator (many times more powerful than existings solutions) Marketing Bugle have launched 'Guided Missile Surveys' as that is exactly the feeling a business gets when they hit the perfect target customer every time.

Quite simply, you think about the most relevant questions that need to be asked so that the resulting data is USEFUL to you and so you know which database to add the recipient to.  Only one to five questions need to be asked for this purpose.

Follow this with a reason for the survey taker to give you their email address (even if they don't you have very valuable data to use) with a strong Call To Action.  On completion, the user could be taken to a new page, a sign up landing site, a file download, a video or anywhere.

Even a simple survey can end up being the most powerful way to engage potenetial and existing customers in just two minutes of their time, or less, if you only ask one or two questions.  The shorter surveys get better responses for 'cold' recipients but, once on board, people who are already interested in your niche tend to enjoy filling in longer surveys.

Online surveys need to be used on a regular basis to keep your business buzzing but, once on board, there are other techniques and strategies that turn the potential customer into a BUYING customer.  Marketing Bugle employs these to the very best affect and, as the list builds, so does your business.  The Guilded Missile Survey Programme is totally mobile responsive and even works on Facebook where it is not blocked out like other apps are.


'How-To' Videos Coming To
Marketing Bugle Customers

You now get more than just a website when you have Marketing Bugle build it for you.  No more using your username and password only to come to a complete halt when you get inside the back-shop.

Marketing Bugle will be giving customers a complete series of short videos to view inside their Dashboard that explains how to do anything with their website.

It's always been straightforward to work on sites but, sometimes, one just needs to SEE how to do something in order to be confident at adding and editing content.

This will now be an optional extra at no extra cost for those who need it.?

Newsletter Creation For Subscriber Benefit

Secondly, Marketing Bugle will be adding a complete email Newsletter system so that you can keep in touch with your customers, automatically.

No more boring emails or paying for high-end business email systems with features you'll never use.  This system is at no extra cost and allows you to keep in touch with your subscribers.?

Simply compose your newsletter from scratch or use one of the many templates on offer, then send your newsletter out to all those who have signed up for it.

There will be more special add-ons coming soon.?


I am pleased to announce that I have just published my first client’s book in paperback.

Tom Scott has been wanting to have his articles on ‘Old Poole’ (in Dorset) published in book form for many years. Now well into his eighties, Marketing Bugle have managed to put it all together and have Tom Scott’s book printed and published. and a big thank you to Alec Wills, the local Poole artist, for drawing the illustrations to go with the stories where they really bring them to life. Here’s my short video promo.


Embed 'Buy Now' Button On Your Video Promos

Have Customers Buy Right From Your Promo Video

Useful Features Can Be Added To Your FB Videos

Add Features To Facebook Videos - Never Possible Before

For all customers of Marketing Bugle’s, Viva! SMS Text Message Customer Loyalty Programme, there is something special about to happen with their promotions.

We call it, Viva! Video Pro and it not only includes promotional whiteboard Scribe video production but the marketing that goes with it, as well.

The ‘hand-drawn’ animated whiteboard videos have now been fully piloted by us (already fully proven to bring in sales enquiries and to be perfect for training purposes, world-wide) but we always see how these marketing tools can fit in with what we already offer and, whiteboard video is the perfect complement to the SMS Text message programme.

So how does the Viva! Video Pro help?

Firstly, we can now add ‘overlays’ to the video with live links to any source you choose.

This makes each video more powerful than ever before at getting your sales or training message to reach your goals and get the results you have planned to achieve.

Clicking the message that appears, live, on the video can introduce a newsletter sign-up form, for example or show a special offer, introduce a Prize Draw, take them to another webpage, start another video or any ‘call to action’ that you want the viewer to take.

These videos can then be embedded into any webpage anywhere to go viral. They are not hosted on free service provider’s servers so, there’s no chance of them being removed or ‘lost’ in amongst millions of other businesses competing in your same market niche.

A definite big plus is the fact that the new Viva! Video Pro type productions work on Facebook, too. Many videos either aren’t clickable or don’t display correctly, if at all. YouTube videos show up, of course but you can’t overlay live links to them or any other feature, come to that so, the Viva! Video Pro offerings will always convert better in any case.

The control panel also carries your business Facebook, Twitter, email & LinkedIn links, with icons, too.

You can set the video to stop playing at a certain point and only continue playing after they ‘Share’ your Facebook page, for example, where promising a special deal at the end of the video will encourage sign-ups, Shares and Likes.

There really hasn’t been anything like this before available to local businesses in the UK. It has been tried and tested outside of the UK market and, more recently, high end businesses have tested it out in the UK and, of course, it has proven to be such an effective add-on to their marketing mix, that they use them all the time.

Marketing Bugle now make it affordable to smaller businesses for the first time.

Other benefits include being able to have several versions of your video embed code so that the title and description can be edited along with the dimensions of the video display, colours, skin type and more. This allows you to have it in keeping with its surroundings on a web page and is also ideal for split testing different offers or even to repurpose your offer, if appropriate.

All videos are hosted on the fastest and most secure server in the world and so speed and bandwidth will never be an issue at any time.

This exciting new system will be available from mid July 2014 from Marketing Bugle and is called, Viva! Video Pro. It will be free with any existing package from Marketing Bugle or Viva! Mobile, including the SMS Text Message Customer Loyalty Programme.

Don't Be Limited - Use Viva! Video Pro For Your Business

Add email Sign-Up Forms To Your Videos, Even On Facebook

Have Links To Your Social Media Accounts -
Right Inside Your Video's Control Panel

Social Media Link In Your Own Control Panel

There are cetain things that put a person off from coming out with that book that they've always had in them.

How can you print your book when you only need 100 copies?  You can only buy ISBN codes ten at a time which works out expensive, especially when you probably won't write another nine books.  Doesn't it cost thousands of pounds to print books?  What about marketing and distribution?

Well, all those hurdles can now be overcome nowadays as printing prices have come down, you can have just ONE ISBN code, marketing methods have improved enormously (they are very effective the way Marketing Bugle run the, anyway :-))? and you can print, say, 100 copies of your publication as digital printing allows lower and more affordable print runs.

Gone are the days when you needed to have a minimum print-run of thousands in order be allowed to go ahead publishing your book.

We have Kindle, Lulu and such-like but, sometimes, it is still good to work offline? to reach the people in 3D land, especially if your book is for your own local area.  Contact Marketing Bugle about publishing your book.