I am pleased to announce that I have just published my first client’s book in paperback.

Tom Scott has been wanting to have his articles on ‘Old Poole’ (in Dorset) published in book form for many years. Now well into his eighties, Marketing Bugle have managed to put it all together and have Tom Scott’s book printed and published. http://www.tomscottspooledays.co.uk and a big thank you to Alec Wills, the local Poole artist, for drawing the illustrations to go with the stories where they really bring them to life. Here’s my short video promo.


Embed 'Buy Now' Button On Your Video Promos

Have Customers Buy Right From Your Promo Video

Useful Features Can Be Added To Your FB Videos

Add Features To Facebook Videos - Never Possible Before

For all customers of Marketing Bugle’s, Viva! SMS Text Message Customer Loyalty Programme, there is something special about to happen with their promotions.

We call it, Viva! Video Pro and it not only includes promotional whiteboard Scribe video production but the marketing that goes with it, as well.

The ‘hand-drawn’ animated whiteboard videos have now been fully piloted by us (already fully proven to bring in sales enquiries and to be perfect for training purposes, world-wide) but we always see how these marketing tools can fit in with what we already offer and, whiteboard video is the perfect complement to the SMS Text message programme.

So how does the Viva! Video Pro help?

Firstly, we can now add ‘overlays’ to the video with live links to any source you choose.

This makes each video more powerful than ever before at getting your sales or training message to reach your goals and get the results you have planned to achieve.

Clicking the message that appears, live, on the video can introduce a newsletter sign-up form, for example or show a special offer, introduce a Prize Draw, take them to another webpage, start another video or any ‘call to action’ that you want the viewer to take.

These videos can then be embedded into any webpage anywhere to go viral. They are not hosted on free service provider’s servers so, there’s no chance of them being removed or ‘lost’ in amongst millions of other businesses competing in your same market niche.

A definite big plus is the fact that the new Viva! Video Pro type productions work on Facebook, too. Many videos either aren’t clickable or don’t display correctly, if at all. YouTube videos show up, of course but you can’t overlay live links to them or any other feature, come to that so, the Viva! Video Pro offerings will always convert better in any case.

The control panel also carries your business Facebook, Twitter, email & LinkedIn links, with icons, too.

You can set the video to stop playing at a certain point and only continue playing after they ‘Share’ your Facebook page, for example, where promising a special deal at the end of the video will encourage sign-ups, Shares and Likes.

There really hasn’t been anything like this before available to local businesses in the UK. It has been tried and tested outside of the UK market and, more recently, high end businesses have tested it out in the UK and, of course, it has proven to be such an effective add-on to their marketing mix, that they use them all the time.

Marketing Bugle now make it affordable to smaller businesses for the first time.

Other benefits include being able to have several versions of your video embed code so that the title and description can be edited along with the dimensions of the video display, colours, skin type and more. This allows you to have it in keeping with its surroundings on a web page and is also ideal for split testing different offers or even to repurpose your offer, if appropriate.

All videos are hosted on the fastest and most secure server in the world and so speed and bandwidth will never be an issue at any time.

This exciting new system will be available from mid July 2014 from Marketing Bugle and is called, Viva! Video Pro. It will be free with any existing package from Marketing Bugle or Viva! Mobile, including the SMS Text Message Customer Loyalty Programme.

Don't Be Limited - Use Viva! Video Pro For Your Business

Add email Sign-Up Forms To Your Videos, Even On Facebook

Have Links To Your Social Media Accounts -
Right Inside Your Video's Control Panel

Social Media Link In Your Own Control Panel

There are cetain things that put a person off from coming out with that book that they've always had in them.

How can you print your book when you only need 100 copies?  You can only buy ISBN codes ten at a time which works out expensive, especially when you probably won't write another nine books.  Doesn't it cost thousands of pounds to print books?  What about marketing and distribution?

Well, all those hurdles can now be overcome nowadays as printing prices have come down, you can have just ONE ISBN code, marketing methods have improved enormously (they are very effective the way Marketing Bugle run the, anyway :-))? and you can print, say, 100 copies of your publication as digital printing allows lower and more affordable print runs.

Gone are the days when you needed to have a minimum print-run of thousands in order be allowed to go ahead publishing your book.

We have Kindle, Lulu and such-like but, sometimes, it is still good to work offline? to reach the people in 3D land, especially if your book is for your own local area.  Contact Marketing Bugle about publishing your book.

There’s no doubt about it! Info-Graphic video WORKS, ie, views to your posts increase, at least, five-fold but I have witnessed an 800% increase in click-throughs on sales or name capture pages over the past few weeks.

One Estate agent, for example, was getting four or five clicks on a ‘standard’ movie video per month but their new info-graphic videos (the ones Marketing Bugle produce) which replaced the old-fashioned video, got 42 click-throughs during the first four days.

A pub/restaurant website started getting enquiries from people using their online forms when they had never been used before … simply by using an info graphic video to encourage people to contact them in order to book a meal.

Radio DJs have gained more listeners by showing the viewer what’s coming up on their shows by using Info-Graphic or Whiteboard scribe videos.

This proves it can work for any niche, no matter where or what they are.

One Facebook page collects a regular 35 to 135 views on their standard posts of text and or images over a number of weeks. But since placing info-graphic (or Whiteboard scribe) videos in posts, the view rate is around 400 to 600 in just THREE days, on average.

Radio Radio …

Any online radio station out there really needs to contact Marketing Bugle to arrange a series of this type of video for your Social Media posts as they have proven VERY popular with listeners and proven to increase awareness of your scheduled shows or the whole station’s output.

In recent tests listener figures have increased right after the viewer count on our videos have brought in more readers.

How Come?

Because the video ‘speaks’ to the eyes and ears, breaking down barriers to people’s understanding and, hence, the videos can convey complex information very simply.

The drawing aspect helps with ‘viewer completion’ with the person mentally guessing what is being drawn in front of them. This helps them remember what was seen even a long time after viewing it.

The viewer will also complete what is being drawn. Two dots and a curved line, for example, give the impression of a human face smiling even though the rest of the face isn’t drawn yet, so the simplicity works on many levels no matter how informed or intelligent the viewing person is.

During experiments over the years, it’s been proven that these Info-Graphic videos or Whiteboard scribes teach a person successfully, above and beyond what an ‘ordinary’ presentation can achieve.

It does get a little scientific but, all we really need to know is, you’ll get more customers after using this type of video in your marketing strategies than by using any other method.

It’s now affordable to smaller businesses too so, no excuse not to, at least, give it a go.

To view some demo videos, view our Info-Graphic and Whiteboard scribe demo page here.?

It got to the stage where nothing surprised me when it came to new products or services from the team at Marketing Bugle.  We've had QR Codes before anybody really knew what they were, SMS Text Customer Loyalty systems and now .... wait for it, 360 degree Virtual Tours.  But, it has to be said, it's not like all the others out there ... it's affordable for a start.

Current customers of Martyn Brown, Viva! Mobile and Marketing Bugle are often asked if they would like to pilot a new programme which is about to be launched across the land and, eventually, the offer will go out to anyone who may be interested.  However, in the case of Virtual Tours, there was a queue of people ready and willing to try out the brand new product.

Virtual Tours are nothing new of course but, you can bet your bottom dollar that Marketing Bugle will do something unique to make the product better for those who come on board through them, rather than anyone else.

?Estate agents have been offered, and occasionally used, Virtual Tours to show a potential viewer of a property around each room and the gardens.  It's as though you are stood in the room turning around 360 degrees and, therefore, the temtpation to book a viewing is stronger than ever, as opposed to looking at some still images or reading the write up about each property, which simply leave most people still wondering.

The price has always been, and still is in most cases, very high and, therefore, Virtual Tours have always been something of a luxury to present.

Marketing Bugle can now photograph local business premises and properties, edit the presentation and then upload to a web page or Facebook very quickly.  A QR Code is associated with each presentation and videos are also produced as well as the actual Virtual Tour.  The whole package is a fraction of the price charged by those who have been doing it for years but, now, it's available to all.

Info spots can be added to the Virtual Tour along with 'Hotspots' that take you from one room to another when clicked or tapped upon.  They run on computers and mobile devices, too.

For more details, visit Done For You Internet who are running the pilot scheme.  More details will follow once fully launched in a few week's time.?

Marketing Bugle can now help out local businesses with a newly improved special type of marketing. These are Facebook ads whereby we can find the exact person you are looking for to buy from you and have your advertisement placed right in front of their eyes on their pages.

Because you only appear in front of those who are genuinely interested in your product or service, your response rates are much higher than you can expect from your conventional advertising.

Using specialist software to find your target audience, Marketing Bugle then send your pre-defined advertisement through the Facebook system ensuring that you stay within your pre-determined budget. You only pay for where it is shown so there’s no waste by your ads appearing in front of those who are not suitable for your service or product.

Facebook ads have proven perfect for building relationships with potential customers so, when they are ready to buy, they buy from you. They are great for sending visitors to your website or Landing Page. Rather than directly selling ‘off the page’ Facebook ads are for building awareness or recommendation.

Marketing Bugle can design your ads, create campaigns and run them for you on a monthly basis.

Facebook, Ideal for promoting local business

Training & Tools For Agents

Training is now being put in place for the pilot agents to work with Viva! Mobile’s SMS Text Message marketing programme.

We are currently building a member site where agents can have all of their marketing tools in one place and be able to access the main Dashboard to control their agency.

There will be a monthly fee for use of the Dashboard which controls the complete SMS system and a small fee for each advertiser/client’s customer each month.

Agents can charge whatever they like as it depends on how much of the programme they are using for their customers. Obviously some customers will want just the basics while others will want a number of add-ons.

As a bonus, we are also making the selling of websites available for agents to pass on to their customers. This will be a good upsell for anyone involved.

Websites that are available include
the following specialist niches:

New Fitness Website For Agents To Make Available To Their Clients

Agency Pro

Our Agency Pro theme is perfect for your professional agency, consulting business, or any business looking to display their portfolio and services in a sleek and professional manner. This theme is highly customizable and comes with several useful widgets to help you connect with potential clients, and clients alike.

Clean and Flossy

Our Clean and Flossy theme is perfect for any business that offers on location services such as dentist offices, doctors’ offices, chiropractic offices, and much more! This theme provides an easy to customize structure and features many built in widgets that allow you to easily and beautifully showcase your business and convey information.

WP Fitness Club

Our WP Fitness Club theme is the ultimate WordPress theme for Health Clubs and Personal Trainers!

WP Fitness Club will give you a great tool to attack the health club and personal improvement class industries!!

Takeaway Food Outlet Genie

Our fast food theme is the ultimate WordPress theme for Takeout and Delivery Restaurants!

With WP Takeaway Food Outlet Genie, you'll be able to define a project for your restaurant clients that won’t overwhelm them and the price won’t make their eyes glaze over!

Directory Suite

Our Directory Suite theme is the perfect WordPress theme for creating directory websites for niche industries such as Restaurants, Accountants, Community Business Listings and more! This theme is highly customizable, and comes with several useful widgets for any type of business directory. The theme also comes ready to display and manage special events in the community. You can have featured listings as well and integrate to a third-party shopping cart to generate income.

Hotel & Guesthouse

Our Hotel and Guesthouse theme is the perfect WordPress theme for creating websites for Hotels, Motels, Inns, Bed and Breakfasts and more! This theme is highly customizable, and comes with several useful widgets for businesses in the accommodations industry to display and manage all of their information and events. You can book rooms through the theme's simple interface or integrate to a third-party booking engine.

DJ & Night Club

Our DJ and Night Club theme is the perfect WordPress theme for creating websites for Local Night Clubs, Bars, Pubs, Entertainment Venues, Bands, DJs, and more! This theme is highly customizable, and comes with several useful widgets for businesses in the Entertainment Industry to display all of their information and events.





... Websites To Sell

The Very Popular Car Dealership Website Theme

Lead Bravo

Our Lead Bravo theme is the perfect WordPress theme for creating high converting and attention grabbing landing pages, squeeze pages, and lead generation websites. This theme is highly customizable, and comes with several useful widgets to help generate leads.

Agency Professional

Our Agency Professional theme is perfect for your professional agency, consulting business, or any business looking to display their portfolio and services in a sleek and professional manner. This theme is highly customizable and comes with several useful widgets to help you connect with potential clients, and clients alike.

Real True Pro

Our Real True Pro theme is perfect for any estate agent or rental property agent. Beautifully showcase properties for sale or for rent with our easy to customize, feature packed theme.

Auto Mall – Car Dealer Agency

Our Auto Mall Car Dealer Agency theme is perfect for new car dealers used car dealers alike. It includes several custom widgets such as a vehicle loan calculator and a vehicle search widget, that help you easily build a website for local car dealers.

Swift eCommerce

The Swift Commerce theme is an easy to use eCommerce theme that allows you to create simple online stores in just minutes.

Tasty Place

If you have a restaurant, Tasty Place is the theme for you! Beautifully showcase all of your menu items, a featured menu with your most popular or newest menu items, and your specials with our Tasty Place theme. Tasty Place was created specifically for restaurants, offering many custom widgets that provide everything one could need for a restaurant website.


Highlights is the perfect theme for any business offering on-location services, such as a hair salon. It has a built in booking system, several custom widgets, a large homepage slider to display images, and more! This is the perfect theme for you to effectively and efficiently promote your business online.

Photographic Hero

Our Photographic Hero theme is perfect for photographers, or any business that needs to display a lot of images in a beautiful, clean, and efficient manner. This theme is perfect for easily displaying your work, while providing important information about yourself and your company to clients and potential clients alike.

DJ, Nightclub, Radio theme

You will need to change your password on a number of popular websites in order to be totally save from the recent Heartbleed attack.


This is a full list of sites and how they were affected.

You Get More With Marketing Bugle

Bigger & Better Hosting with Marketing Bugle

No More Limitations For Your
Business Website

Marketing Bugle continue their upgrading for customers by adding more speed and wider bandwidth for those hosting websites on the Marketing Bugle servers.

We have always given the fastest speeds possible on the given server but now we are literally moving to a brand new server that offers the best facilities for all users.

So not matter which type of website you are running, there will be no longer any issues when you get higher traffic rates all at once.

We can now also offer a dedicated server just for your website with a unique IP address along with a whole range of services for those who require the more powerful solution.

Marketing Bugle also continue to add new website themes to their packages with five new, content ready, blank themes and the forthcoming fitness them due to be launched over the next few days.


New Fitness Website On The Way

Although Marketing Bugle have come up with new, blank, themes for WordPress over the past few weeks, it’s been a while since we brought out a new theme made especially for a particular niche.

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes and build an amazing site for the health and fitness niche. These can be:

They are feature and benefit rich and yet easy to use. Readers can book for membership or classes and, as expected, are perfect for any size screen as they are totally mobile responsive.

More details will follow by the weekend and we will have a demo website for you to view as well.

We Can Build You The Best Fitness
Website Available

Website Them For Health Clubs, Martial Arts Schools, Personal Trainers, Arts and Crafts Schools and Many More!

  • Health Clubs
  • Martial Arts Schools
  • Personal Trainers
  • Arts and Crafts Schools
  • Many More!