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Most businesses realise that there is so much to learn in order to get your products and services selling constantly online.

Dozens of things to remember, day in and day out, that, should you not perform something, it affects your rankings, signup rates and, of course, your sales.

This is where 'Done For You Internet' comes in.

No matter which marketing task you need implementing online, they can do it for you, along with other required jobs, for one affordable monthly fee.  Visit to see what's on offer.

Top Marketers Perform Tasks You Haven't Got Time To Learn

Topics covered include Broadcasting, Business websites, email marketing, Live links, Printing, Social Media, Surveys, Video production, Webinars and much more.

Done For You Internet was launched as a partner business to Marketing Bugle as so many potential clients were looking for an affordable ongoing monthly solution to their online marketing headaches.

Most people are short of time, don't want to pay a full timer for a job that needn't take all day or simply don't know how to work things online in order to make a successful business out of it.  Outsourcing your task is one of the answers so, get in touch with DFI today and see what can be done for your business.

Keep Leads Coming In - Even From Used Presentations

Why present your webinar just once?

You may even record it and use the 'Replay' feature.

But, how about making it 'Live' again?

… taking live questions from your webinar attendees and being able to answer, there and then, as soon as you receive the question(s). Although this is an optional feature, it is very useful .

And all the time, you aren't actually on the webinar but, rather, monitoring it.

You decide when the pre-recorded webinar goes 'Live' and, also, when it is replayed just like an ordinary webinar or video presentation.

Grab signups - Day in and day out

Why 'pretend' that an event is live, when it's not?

Well, you're not actaully saying it's live but it does give the impression it's live because you can answer questions live.

Advertising your webinar will attract new potential clients and where they sign up to your event.

Selling your product or service to your audience works exactly like a LIVE webinar and you can monitor it right from wherever you happen to be, at any time.

You then offer the replay of the event to this audience.

Your target audience have opted into your email mailing list and are ready to buy from you after your webinar or pre-recorded video presentation.

Repeat this process for all of your post-live webinars or pre-recorded webinars.

Marketing Bugle can set this whole process in motion for your business.

Even if you don't have an existing webinar or video promo, we can create one for you.

Contact us today.

We can even automate Handouts, and when they appear, Call to Actions and when they appear plus other features that enhance the viewer's whole webinar experience.  Plus it increases your chances of conversions to sales and signups, no end.

We Can Now Create Content For You

Be honest, do you REALLY like posting to all your Social Media accounts each day? I thought not.

It can become a chore and so now Marketing Bugle have updated their Social posting programme to include unique content for your posts.

Simply open an account and we'll post as often as you need.

You may have noticed that auto-posted posts don't get as much reaction as Facebook, for example, seem to deem them less original, however, our programme manually creates the posts and sends them to your account. This way, they get better reach towards your audience.

We can also create 'Video Sales Letter' (VSLs) which are text and image based slideshow videos, for your accounts. Get the maximum reach without the pain that usually goes with it … have Marketing Bugle do the posting for you, on any account. Contact us now.

You probably already know that video converts viewers into buyers at a much higher rate than text posts alone.

Marketing Bugle are now offering to build VSLs ... Video Sales Letters for clients who want to have an affordable way to use video but without the traditionally high production costs.

The answer is slideshow style text and graphic videos, as you'll see in the video below.

These can be used to create short promo videos, video sales letters and even online educational courses.  Get in touch for more details.

With profits up by 78%, Facebook seem to have cornered the advertising market.


Because it works for end-users.

But, if you would like to reach more people on your 'ordinary' posts, then it's a good idea to use the Facebook Live Video process.

Since being introduced, Facebook have been very generous and, for those who use their platform to broadcast LIVE videos, they seem to give them almost 100% reach to their audience. Compare this to just 6% of non-live posts and you'll see how powerful the Live system is for your business.

Marketing Bugle have introduced Bugle-FB-Live a system for streaming your pre-recorded videos as though they were live and, hence, reaching that bigger audience.

What use is this?

A number of businesses that I speak to have tried Facebook Live Video and say, it's all very well but very difficult to get things right, technically. They are trying to concentrate on getting their business message right while, at the same time, trying to ensure the audio and image are performing correctly. This leads to a disjointed presentation while the talent juggles with technology and looking professional at the same time.

To get around this issue, our new Bugle-FB-Live system can take your prepared video and simply stream it through the Facebook API. In the Facebook Terms & Conditions they simply state that you must tell the audience that the video is pre-recorded. We do this in the description that is uploaded to the Facebook Profile, Page or Group.

Because you have been able to edit out any mistakes and make your video presentation as perfect as can be, the end result is that your audience see you and your business at its best.

Give Facebook Live Video a go, you won't be disappointed as it definitely does reach more people and notifies those who follow you of your broadcast.

Your video is automatically saved to your Timeline and so others who missed it can view it, too.

Contact Marketing Bugle and ask about Bugle-FB-Live

New Bugle VidSkip is being piloted at the moment and is returning amazing results

Marketing Bugle have no less than 10 businesses piloting the latest add-on software and the feedback is all positive.

Bugle-VidSkip is an In-stream video ad creator and YOUR business Ad can be shown 'inside' any other 'main' video.

The launch for this software program will be June 1st 2017. Sample videos can be viewed below.

Demo - Prize Draw

Demo Mario Lanza DVD Release

Demo - Free Course inside TED Talk

Demo - Orchestra DVD Collection

Demo - In-stream Video Ad inside 'main' Sage promotional video

Marketing Bugle expand

With the recent additions of brand new servers, website builder software and Social Media posting systems, Marketing Bugle have added .com and .net to their portfolio of websites.  Of course there's also and to keep everything up to date and in order a-hem 🙂

Business Website Build - Join Newsletter To Enter

We Build Your Website - You Can Create Layouts for Content Using Bugle-Builder,Built In Software

The Website of Your Dreams. Closing Date; 30.06.17

Win a website! Yes you read that right, you really can win a complete and full website build and, all you need to do, is join the Marketing Bugle email newsletter (see top right of page).

You will automatically be entered into the draw to win the website of your dreams that you can keep forever PLUS it also comes with a full 1 years’ worth of hosting & management.

The Reason?

Marketing Bugle have just launched their own hosting service along with ‘Bugle-Builder’ and ‘Bugle-Builder-Pro’ which is software to enable the end-user to build their own page layouts and add content. Clients can start from scratch or add a pre-built template and then simply swap out grahics and add their own text and effects.

So, to celebrate, one lucky winner can have their business website built for them up to the value of £2000.00

The winner will be announced on 30th June 2017. (Terms & Conditions are here.)

Version 2.0 of Bugle-Loop Launched

Bugle-Loop has been updated and the new version is about to go on general release.

An example link is here to show you how it works. Basically, your business message can appear over web pages that are of interest to your potential clients.

Post the link with your text and/or image on Facebook, for example, and when clicked, the destination will be your chose article of interest.

While reading the article or viewing the video etc., your business message slides into a corner of their browser. When they click on this, your Landing Page or signup form or Digital Download is their destination.

This version has been piloted by a number constant users and has proven to be very strong at bringing in new leads from a wider audience reach.

Here is the sample link.

Your Business Message, Anywhere

Clever Links for your campaigns and posts online

28th February 2017 - Bugle-Builder Launch

If you’re running a business and need a boost online, then it’s time to have Marketing Bugle build your new site and then add a sprinkle of their monthly marketing into the mix.

Complete state-of-the-art websites can be built from just £500.00 then £20.00 p/m management and hosting. No hidden fees or hidden extras.

You also have the option of the new Bugle-Builder marketing packs which can include Social Media Ads, promo videos, email marketing and more. Call us for more details.

Each pack can be adapted to fit in with your business niche perfectly.  Launch day is 28th Feb 2017.  Contact us today!

Sample Website - Built With Marketing Bugle's 'Bugle-Builder'.

Bugle-Builder, The Fastest Way To Build Your Site's Content