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For all customers of Marketing Bugle’s, Viva! SMS Text Message Customer Loyalty Programme, there is something special about to happen with their promotions.

We call it, Viva! Video Pro and it not only includes promotional whiteboard Scribe video production but the marketing that goes with it, as well.

The ‘hand-drawn’ animated whiteboard videos have now been fully piloted by us (already fully proven to bring in sales enquiries and to be perfect for training purposes, world-wide) but we always see how these marketing tools can fit in with what we already offer and, whiteboard video is the perfect complement to the SMS Text message programme.

So how does the Viva! Video Pro help?

Firstly, we can now add ‘overlays’ to the video with live links to any source you choose.

This makes each video more powerful than ever before at getting your sales or training message to reach your goals and get the results you have planned to achieve.

Clicking the message that appears, live, on the video can introduce a newsletter sign-up form, for example or show a special offer, introduce a Prize Draw, take them to another webpage, start another video or any ‘call to action’ that you want the viewer to take.

These videos can then be embedded into any webpage anywhere to go viral. They are not hosted on free service provider’s servers so, there’s no chance of them being removed or ‘lost’ in amongst millions of other businesses competing in your same market niche.

A definite big plus is the fact that the new Viva! Video Pro type productions work on Facebook, too. Many videos either aren’t clickable or don’t display correctly, if at all. YouTube videos show up, of course but you can’t overlay live links to them or any other feature, come to that so, the Viva! Video Pro offerings will always convert better in any case.

The control panel also carries your business Facebook, Twitter, email & LinkedIn links, with icons, too.

You can set the video to stop playing at a certain point and only continue playing after they ‘Share’ your Facebook page, for example, where promising a special deal at the end of the video will encourage sign-ups, Shares and Likes.

There really hasn’t been anything like this before available to local businesses in the UK. It has been tried and tested outside of the UK market and, more recently, high end businesses have tested it out in the UK and, of course, it has proven to be such an effective add-on to their marketing mix, that they use them all the time.

Marketing Bugle now make it affordable to smaller businesses for the first time.

Other benefits include being able to have several versions of your video embed code so that the title and description can be edited along with the dimensions of the video display, colours, skin type and more. This allows you to have it in keeping with its surroundings on a web page and is also ideal for split testing different offers or even to repurpose your offer, if appropriate.

All videos are hosted on the fastest and most secure server in the world and so speed and bandwidth will never be an issue at any time.

This exciting new system will be available from mid July 2014 from Marketing Bugle and is called, Viva! Video Pro. It will be free with any existing package from Marketing Bugle or Viva! Mobile, including the SMS Text Message Customer Loyalty Programme.

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