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Retargeting Services from Marketing Bugle.

What is retargeting?

Often called ‘Remarketing’ but we here at Marketing Bugle believe it’s more like retargeting the visitor you originally targeted as your ideal customer. Hence the name.

Retargeting is a form of advertising online that helps keep your brand in front of people who ‘bounced’ off of your website without buying or, at least, without giving you their contact details.

Retargeting allows you to keep showing your pre-determined Ad to them even after they leave your website or the place where you originally advertised.

The average conversion of your online Ads is around 2% but retargeting improves this to an incredible 98% for businesses as you are now reaching out to an audience who WANT to hear from you. They’ve shown an interest by clicking on your first Ad.

Your second Ad, the Retargeting Ad, is geared towards them specifically as you know now KNOW that they are your ideal customer.

If it’s so amazing then why isn’t everybody doing it?

Simple … Retargeting works when you’ve got an audience to Retarget … you need to create this audience first. You can’t just press a button and it all starts working (as some would have you believe) you need to have tools and strategies in place in order to do this properly.

The expertise required is a very high level, yes, businesses can do it themselves but would need to employ a specialist in this field in order to make the most of it. There are many horror stories about how frightening PPC (Pay Per Click) is but this is purely because the operator didn’t know how to perform it correctly.

Isn’t it very expensive?

The whole idea is to learn what doesn’t work and what does, very quickly. Otherwise it can cost you dear and nobody wants to see their budget disappearing overnight.

Marketing Bugle never rushes into a project, rather, we take the time to properly research it and only then design our first Ad. We ‘Split-Test’ to ensure we are using the very BEST performing Ad and run with it.

The CPC (Cost Per Click) soon comes down and the ROI (Return On Investment) for the business is always good. We simply don’t run poorly performing Ads.

Ultimately, the business may be paying £500.00 per month plus Adspend, (for example) BUT, they are getting much more than that back. The annual value of a customer can far outweigh the cost of acquisition.

For more details, contact Marketing Bugle. There will be a number of packages available to suit all business budgets.

Retargeting Creates Profits

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