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More stations are taking The Vinyl Impressions radio shows than ever before and now you can join them.  It's great for business marketing and for those playing out the shows as both are giving to charity while having music radio shows produced for them.

The Vinyl Impressions Show now has a monthly subscription option for those stations who would like to donate something towards the Hospital Radio charity that we support.

There has always been the option of ‘supporting’ a show whereby the business gets four mentions per hour long show for a donation of anything from £50.00 upwards.

The funds received go towards building websites, producing videos and various promotions for Hospital Radio stations that struggle to afford this for themselves.

To join the subscription model so that you can receive radio shows each month, simply click the ‘Donate’ button and select the monthly subscription option (£4.95) which brings six new shows per month. Your station must be licenced to play music via the appropriate country laws.

The subscription works out at just 82.5 pence per show and that includes the extra ‘specials’ that we produce every so often, like Christmas shows etc..

Subscribe Here - £4.95 P/M

Donate Here - You Choose The HR Charity Amount


6x NEW one hour shows each month with access to back catalogue.

Automatic notifications, via email of all download links

The music shows are called, ‘Vinyl Impressions’ and where each show has a different niche or theme.

Generic voiceovers are used from the presenter so shows can be played any time on any station.

Shows mention ‘Hospital Radio’ and the supporting business but there are no blatant advertisements.

Example shows can be found here but the station name is not mentioned on your copy.

24/7 support via email. Phone support during office hours.

All back-catalogue is available (over 100 shows) with track listings for each show.

If you require a specific type of music show featuring a particular type of music, this can be requested.

Music is normally general pop hits from across the decades (1950s to 2000s with some 1920s & 30s for ‘Vintage Vinyl’ shows)

All music is held on file and is from vinyl records. No ‘streaming’ or ‘YouTube’ music is used, everything is in the presenter’s collection but transferred to digital for broadcasting.

Custom Shows: Custom shows can be produced from £50.00 each one hour show containing your station’s imaging and your chosen music etc.. Contact [email protected] for details.

Subscribe Here - £4.95 P/M

Donate Here - You Choose The HR Charity Amount

To ensure that you don’t miss new shows when they become downloadable, please join our Newsletter
by sending a blank email to [email protected]

Track listings for each show can be found in the download file in each case.
Some shows are supported by a business or individual and are casually mentioned during the programme no more than four times.

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