Why should your business have a mobile website?

There are a number of reasons, some are listed below but, basiclally, when built correctly, they can bring in new and repeat paying customers every day … and it’s getting better all the time, read on …

Customers Will Certainly Thank You For It

Mobile Websites from Viva! QR Mobile

Traditional websites simply aren’t built for the small screen. Getting around  always means plenty of rotating, fiddling, pinching and squinting at the screen.  In comparison, Viva! QR Mobile has been designed specifically for these small screens making them comfortable to use.  So, no matter where your customer is, the whole mobile website experience will be greatly improved while viewing your business brand.


It works across 100s of mobile devices

Unlike a device-specific ‘App’ you would download from iTunes and others, Viva! QR Mobile is a mobile-optimised website which still has the great look & feel of an App but also natively works across all handheld devices.  Our detection script will redirect all mobile visitors to your Viva! Mobile version and the customer will not notice any slow-down in their browsing experience.


Update throughout each month

Simply email us any updates you require on your mobile site and our staff will update accordingly.

You will not be expected to sign in to complicated control panels and take the time to learn how to do this yourself … we’re here to help.


Build A Mobile Website from Viva! QR Mobile
Super-fast load times

With free Wifi hotspots still being a luxury, users will spend their time browsing over slower 3G connections.  Therefore, page optimisation becomes key and ordinary traditional websites become slow to load as they contain large un-optimised images and deliver content that the mobile browser doesn’t require.  Luckily, Viva! QR Mobile has been fully optimised for 3G and has a tiny file size footprint, making it quick to load and even quicker to browse.


It delivers the content that matters

Mobile customers are only looking for key details of your restaurant – menus, location(s) and offers. Viva! QR Mobile removes all the irrelevant detail that is often present on a traditional main website and concentrates itself on delivering this key information quickly, and in the most effective format possible.  There is also a convenient link back to your main website, too, if required.


Using ‘Flash’ Websites?  No Problem!

Flash technology is not supported on most mobile devices (just as iPhones) and  Viva! QR Mobile is therefore a great way to still make your content available while you maintain your main website.


Get More Customers - Mobile Sites From Viva! QR Mobile
Be Prepared For The Near Future And Beyond

By 2013 it’s predicted that there will be more people accessing the internet via smartphones than desktop computers. That’s a whole lot of people, and a whole new market to tap into.  Do it with Viva! QR Mobile websites.


Not Only Ahead Of Your Competition But You’ll STAY Ahead

Even though mobile website are a new technology, they are not ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ … they are here to stay and growing in importance every day.  Getting involved today means you’ll be ahead of your competition and because Viva! QR Mobile is updating and improving all the time, you will STAY ahead of any competition in your niche.


We’ll be providing free upgrades for the lifetime of your account

As mobile technology evolves, we’ll be evolving right alongside to ensure that Viva! QR Mobile remains the premier mobile solution for all types of websites.  As we release further versions of the software, they’ll automatically be applied to your account, so you know that you’re always going to be up to date and providing the best possible experience to your potential and repeat customers.