Knowing Someone Is Looking After Your Online Presence Is Important.  Especially when you are measuring the results

Website remain very important but they are only a tool in the complete 'Sales Funnel' you need to create when operating your business online.  Marketing Bugle's new WordPress Management service has this in mind at all times.

Websites Giving Way For Sales Funnels

A brand new service for new clients has been launched by Marketing Bugle.

It’s there for current clients but now we’ve given it a separate launch for those who require the service.

Nowadays, more people want to improve on what they already have and make use of current content than outright want a brand new website so, to this end we have introduced WordPress Website ‘Management Support. This brings peace of mind to those who already have an up and running site but, also, brings in a management strategy that helps the business develop online over the months and years ahead.

As we start to measure the degree of response to the marketing strategies put in place, we can then improve on what was already in place. We find most people have never properly measured the success of what they were doing online and, therefore, if it can’t be measured, how can you improve on it?

By managing their online presence things can start improving … right from day one.

For more details, contact Marketing Bugle today.

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