Don't Waste Time On Your Social Media

Social Media can make a success of your business, but when?  Let Marketing Bugle do it for you while you get on with running your business
Let Marketing Bugle take the pain out of Social Media posting
Can't think of what to post?  We can.  Let us post for your business!

…. That being, running your Social Media for you!

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube etc. yes, we are now geared up to run your posting campaigns for your business on an ongoing basis.

Forget paying huge amounts monthly only to have to create and schedule your own content for your own business posts, Marketing Bugle can do it all for you and even schedule future posts into any Social Media platform directly, using their respective API's and conforming to their Terms & Conditions.

Although it is recommended not to ‘auto-post’ to Social Media as it simply looks like you are using a robot to post, we can arrange either posts you supply or create regular fresh and original posts to your chosen platforms at any time.

Thinking of what to write can be a pain so, pass the pain on to us and allow Marketing Bugle to research your business niche for you and send to your Social Media accounts on your behalf.

It’s just £1 a day (min period 30 days per month) and, because your business will be posting regularly, you’ll get more Likes and followers, more signups and more conversions to sales than ever before.

Posts can be made instantly, scheduled, continuously run or paused. Our strategy will ensure your business doesn’t ‘overdo it’ nor will it be too little, too late.

It’s not good to post the exact same message to every platform and so we vary your promotional messages to get the best results.

A person who follows your business on all the popular Social Media doesn’t want to see your same message coming through onto their mobile phone six times so, we ensure that each platform is unique to the end user.

Contact Martyn Brown for more details about Bugle-Social, which launches on Wednesday February 1st 2017.

Text, video, images, promos - Let Marketing Bugle do it for you saving you hours of your valuable time!

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