There’s no doubt about it! Info-Graphic video WORKS, ie, views to your posts increase, at least, five-fold but I have witnessed an 800% increase in click-throughs on sales or name capture pages over the past few weeks.

One Estate agent, for example, was getting four or five clicks on a ‘standard’ movie video per month but their new info-graphic videos (the ones Marketing Bugle produce) which replaced the old-fashioned video, got 42 click-throughs during the first four days.

A pub/restaurant website started getting enquiries from people using their online forms when they had never been used before … simply by using an info graphic video to encourage people to contact them in order to book a meal.

Radio DJs have gained more listeners by showing the viewer what’s coming up on their shows by using Info-Graphic or Whiteboard scribe videos.

This proves it can work for any niche, no matter where or what they are.

One Facebook page collects a regular 35 to 135 views on their standard posts of text and or images over a number of weeks. But since placing info-graphic (or Whiteboard scribe) videos in posts, the view rate is around 400 to 600 in just THREE days, on average.

Radio Radio …

Any online radio station out there really needs to contact Marketing Bugle to arrange a series of this type of video for your Social Media posts as they have proven VERY popular with listeners and proven to increase awareness of your scheduled shows or the whole station’s output.

In recent tests listener figures have increased right after the viewer count on our videos have brought in more readers.

How Come?

Because the video ‘speaks’ to the eyes and ears, breaking down barriers to people’s understanding and, hence, the videos can convey complex information very simply.

The drawing aspect helps with ‘viewer completion’ with the person mentally guessing what is being drawn in front of them. This helps them remember what was seen even a long time after viewing it.

The viewer will also complete what is being drawn. Two dots and a curved line, for example, give the impression of a human face smiling even though the rest of the face isn’t drawn yet, so the simplicity works on many levels no matter how informed or intelligent the viewing person is.

During experiments over the years, it’s been proven that these Info-Graphic videos or Whiteboard scribes teach a person successfully, above and beyond what an ‘ordinary’ presentation can achieve.

It does get a little scientific but, all we really need to know is, you’ll get more customers after using this type of video in your marketing strategies than by using any other method.

It’s now affordable to smaller businesses too so, no excuse not to, at least, give it a go.

To view some demo videos, view our Info-Graphic and Whiteboard scribe demo page here.?

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