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1.    Make Your Facebook Ads Feel Personal and Conversational
2.    Focus on Your Fans
3.    Don’t be Afraid to Post the Occasional Bit of Pure Fun
4.    Make Sure Your Boosted Posts Are Always Relevant
5.    Post All the Time
6.    Explore Curated Content
7.    Consider Facebook Dark Posts
8.    Acquaint Yourself with Custom Audiences
9.    Find Routines to Make Posting Exciting
10.    Think About the Specific Goal for Each Facebook Video
11.    Find Out When Your Ideal Fans Are Online
12.    Analyze Your Success
13.    Be There to Care
14.    Give Them Something to Do—then Make Them Want to Do It
15.    Be Personal
16.    Create a Theme
17.    Plan for Facebook Live
18.    Throw Occasional Contests into Your Facebook Post Mix
19.    Tell a Story
20.    Make a Promise in the First Sentence
21.    Use Short Sentences

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+ Time is money. Stay motivated. Get automated.
+ IDEAS - 5 Ideas to get you thinking
+ Coupons are a buyer’s best friend
+ Start a contest. Make buying from you FUN!
+ Your own worst critic
+ Useful resources that won’t cost you the earth
+ Reward your clients with an appreciation program
+ Mascots for business
+ Latest News! Updates at foot of each page 🙂
+ Feedback - Page 12

+ Facebook's NEW Ad Tool: Lead Ads For Local Business
+ How to make the most of Online Reviews
+ 5 online mistakes the will KILL your business in 2016
+ The Customer Experience today - Better Think Mobile!
+ More!


+ To App or Not to App: Should Your Business Have One?
+ The 5 Biggest Reasons Your Online Marketing Sucks (and how to fix it).
+ Best Online Strategies to Boost In-Store Sales.
+ How To Market Your Home Services Franchise.
+ More!
 + Referral Marketing - Don’t be afraid to ask
 + Video Blogging to Grow Your Business
 + Social Book-marking for Profits
 + Podcast Your Way to More Money
 + Cross Promoting - Team up with other businesses
 + Make Your Customers Feel Like They Are More Than Just Buyers
 + New Publication Available to Small Business - Digital Bugle
 + Latest Internet Marketing News
 + Your Feedback - WIN Video Promos & More!
  • Issue 191 - Internet Marketing Bugle

    + Does anyone know who YOU are online?
    + 7 Ideas for Internet Marketers
    + How to keep ALL the profit on a big-name product
    + 10 things Sam Walton can teach you about Internet Marketing
    + 3 copywriting lies you need to know before it’s too late
    + 19 Resources you may find useful
    + WIN prizes in our ‘Feedback’ Prize Draw: Your contributions welcome
    + NOTE: News items appear in the footer of each page
    + Much More
  • Issue 190 - Internet Marketing Bugle

    + 4 Tips for Making Social Visitors Regular Users
    + Boost Your SEO on YouTube
    + Best Ways to Succeed with Viral Content Marketing
    + Top Ways to Build a Powerful Business Presence on Social Media
    + Why email Marketing Will Rise in 2015 and How You Can Leverage Your Strategies
    + 10 Best Landing Page Tips & Tricks
    + 10 Ways to Get More Customers from Your Blog
    + Top 5 Ways to Massively Grow Your Pinterest Audience
    + Latest Internet Marketing News & Updates
    + Valuable Prize Draw - FREE To Enter!
    + Much More 🙂