'How-To' Videos Coming To
Marketing Bugle Customers

You now get more than just a website when you have Marketing Bugle build it for you.  No more using your username and password only to come to a complete halt when you get inside the back-shop.

Marketing Bugle will be giving customers a complete series of short videos to view inside their Dashboard that explains how to do anything with their website.

It's always been straightforward to work on sites but, sometimes, one just needs to SEE how to do something in order to be confident at adding and editing content.

This will now be an optional extra at no extra cost for those who need it.?

Newsletter Creation For Subscriber Benefit

Secondly, Marketing Bugle will be adding a complete email Newsletter system so that you can keep in touch with your customers, automatically.

No more boring emails or paying for high-end business email systems with features you'll never use.  This system is at no extra cost and allows you to keep in touch with your subscribers.?

Simply compose your newsletter from scratch or use one of the many templates on offer, then send your newsletter out to all those who have signed up for it.

There will be more special add-ons coming soon.?

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