How Something So Simple Has Been Overlooked For So Long ... Online Surveys Deliver Surprising Results

Surveys build leads from first five minutes after launch

Start with simple survey using 'Guided Missile Survey' Programme. It can be added to Facebook as well.

Direct recipient's email address to email auto-responder (automatic when using our survey system).

Keep in touch with these people with a sequence of pre-determined ordered email responses.  This should be a regular sequence using carefully desinged content proudced by an experienced copy writer (we do this for you).

Use appropriate tools like landing pages, text messaging, coupons and more surveys on a continuous basis.

Your subscriber list builds daily so responses to your product and service marketing is at a peak at all times.

Contact Marketing Bugle to see how it works.?

'Guided Missile Surveys' Hit Perfect Potential Customers

In recent years we've largely ignored creating online surveys, apart from the odd research project, that is.  It is very useful to ASK your customers what they think, especially when you are working on a new product or service.

However, after being involved heavily in the testing of a new online survey creator (many times more powerful than existings solutions) Marketing Bugle have launched 'Guided Missile Surveys' as that is exactly the feeling a business gets when they hit the perfect target customer every time.

Quite simply, you think about the most relevant questions that need to be asked so that the resulting data is USEFUL to you and so you know which database to add the recipient to.  Only one to five questions need to be asked for this purpose.

Follow this with a reason for the survey taker to give you their email address (even if they don't you have very valuable data to use) with a strong Call To Action.  On completion, the user could be taken to a new page, a sign up landing site, a file download, a video or anywhere.

Even a simple survey can end up being the most powerful way to engage potenetial and existing customers in just two minutes of their time, or less, if you only ask one or two questions.  The shorter surveys get better responses for 'cold' recipients but, once on board, people who are already interested in your niche tend to enjoy filling in longer surveys.

Online surveys need to be used on a regular basis to keep your business buzzing but, once on board, there are other techniques and strategies that turn the potential customer into a BUYING customer.  Marketing Bugle employs these to the very best affect and, as the list builds, so does your business.  The Guilded Missile Survey Programme is totally mobile responsive and even works on Facebook where it is not blocked out like other apps are.


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