Martyn Brown local Internet and viral marketing consultantWith Martyn Brown consultant you get years of marketing expertise from both the online and offline world.

From having your business featured in a local community magazine to getting your company online and drawing leads from your area, the UK or from around the world, Martyn Brown has got it covered. However, it’s the local businesses who benefit best due to Martyn’s expert knowledge of Internet marketing techniques and strategies on a local level … and search engines love ‘local’.

SEO (search engine optimisation) comes second nature to Martyn and his team and is only the beginning. Martyn has never been one for placing an ad and hoping for the best, rather, he likes to market your business to ensure your advertising works for you and brings excellent value for money.

From small sole traders to larger companies, Martyn Brown has advised and guided scores of local businesses. A number of businesses are now turning over a million pounds a year with their online and offline presence which was launched by the local entrepreneur, Martyn Brown.

So what does Martyn Brown Consultant offer?

In it’s simplest form, if you aren’t getting on too well with the Internet, Martyn Brown can help.

Are you seemingly spending hundreds or even thousands of pounds a month paying someone to get traffic (visitors) to your website and yet you’re not getting (m)any leads?

This is normally due to the fact that a person who designs websites that look fantastic, are not marketers and so, even with the best looking website in the world, you will not get sales or leads because the site itself is not being marketed correctly. There is a knack to getting good results and not that many companies, who are willing to charge you the earth for their services, actually know what that knack is, let alone have it.

One of Martyn’s recent customers had paid out £10,000 to a company for their website which was getting a little traffic but generating no leads. Martyn built one for less than £500.00 and it ranked highly and got enough leads to keep the customer very busy. It’s not always easy, it’s not always the quickest route but it can be done ‘low cost’ and well within budget when the marketing is performed correctly.

With a mixture of offline and online techniques including article marketing, email marketing (works super well), video marketing, press releases, hard copy publications, QR (Quick Response) Code Programmes … with a difference (this is the secret weapon in a lot of cases) and mobile marketing, Martyn Brown Consultant can really make a difference to your business success.

Contact us now to make an appointment for the free consultation and website review.

There are no false promises, no silly prices, just honest and to the point suggestions that can get your business working for you online as efficiently as possible.

We can work out a plan of attack and get started right away in order to get your
website(s) ranking on page one of the search engine results pages for your chosen keywords.

Don’t let your competitors beat you to it. It may be costing them the earth but they will appear above you … let Martyn Brown Consultant put that right for your company.