Don't get bogged down with your online marketing. We can do it all for you

Unique 'One-to-One' Service

Many clients of Marketing Bugle have perfectly good businesses but just struggle with the technical side of running the online side of things.

Yes, they have a website but it’s not optimised or set up correctly.

They rarely have an Autoresponder system to run automated email, relationship-building, campaigns and their Social Media is a little on the quiet side, too.

And, should they require a short video promo to help get their message out … no chance, as that costs a fortune and they just wouldn’t know where to begin if they could afford it.

How about creating sales material?

You know … posters, leaflets, coupons, fliers, Social Media cover images, eBook covers, business cards, web banners, Facebook Ads and so on. It all takes expertise and expense.

Putting this all together in a ‘Sales Funnel’ so that you can actually sell your products and services over the Internet (as well as offline) is time consuming, costly and you need to set aside time to do it EVERY month.

Online marketing isn’t something that should be done once, then stop. It is a continuous cycle that keeps the profits coming in while using your email Autoresponder system to keep in touch with potential customers ...

Leave The Technical Online Stuff To Us - In Fact - Leave EVERYTHING To Us

(...cont) Having to go to separate service providers in order to put all this together would break your budget in month one so, you need a provider that has in-house expertise, an expertise that goes back years with someone who lives and breathes Internet marketing.

Having a closer, one to one, relationship with your marketing agent is the secret. Someone who can take away the technical geeky issues and simply deliver your results month in – month out.

This is EXACTLY what Marketing Bugle do for their clients.

They work closely with clients, keep in touch while showing you what’s going on and giving any training required, as we go.

Give Martyn Brown a call today or use the form on this website to get in touch. Ask any questions you have about online marketing and we’ll explain how we can help.

One monthly fee gives you all of the above, when you need it. Don’t pay for what you will never use but DO, however, have access to the unique tools that will make your business a success using online resources. Marketing Bugle will show you the way.

Nobody in the world can guarantee you success but, at Marketing Bugle, we haven’t failed yet. Contact us to discover why we say; Marketing Bugle – Different Digital Marketing.

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