First Ever Business Directory Inside Of Facebook

Now Anyone Can Run Their Own Directory For Their Own Local Area Right On Their Facebook Page

Several people have asked about our new local Directory, yes, the one that we mentioned on our blog a few weeks ago. They were asking, ‘Why the delay in bringing it out live?’

Well it has been delayed but it hasn’t … the ‘delay’ is because, after testing it and piloting varying versions, Marketing Bugle weren’t 100% happy with the big picture and so, back to the drawing board for the various changes to be implemented.

The new version of the Directory is so different from what it was, it’s like a brand new product reflecting differently on our original plans for the programme.

So, rather, not delayed but a launch of something much, much better.

It’s currently being piloted by hundreds of end users and with any bugs being ironed out from the programming code.

So what’s so different?

Firstly, the complete Directory can be installed onto your Facebook page (or any Facebook page) with complete listings from local businesses including advertising spaces around the featured business.

Directories can be based on any niche whatsoever and can be a mixture of a number of different niches, too.

We even create a 'Magic URL' link so that those needing to view your Directory outside of Facebook can do so and view it on mobile devices of any type.  They are fully mobile responsive.

The orginal Directory could only be installed and viewed via a standard website and took an age to configure correctly.

The ‘behind the scenes’ code and back-shop settings are a joy to work with. Clients can have their own accounts to edit, add, delete items and also view the stats of how many people have subscribed or made enquiries.

Below is the link to a basic site with no added listings as yet but it does give an idea of how it might look.

Demo Directory Page To Show A Basic Layout

Autoresponders can be added for auto subscribing potential customers. Live links can be added to any banner image etc.. Advertising can be displayed around any listing or any listing can have the entire entry for themselves.

More details will follow as we pilot the Directory over the coming weeks.


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