There's a monthly plan to suit your budget

The new affordable plan for small businesses and start-ups.

Marketing Bugle now have a continuity plan that helps businesses through the online advertising jungle.

It keeps your business brand in front of people while promoting your product or service along the way.

Using some simple but specialist tools, Marketing Bugle can ensure that your online campaigns are working for you 24/7 with a mixture of clever automation and manual tasks … all completed for you while you get on with what you’re good at; running your business.

You can get involved from just £57.00 per month (minimum term 12mths) which includes building the sales funnel along with its management each month.

For £150.00 p/m you can have a new website build and all the marketing that comes with it.  This includes most of the marketing tools and strategies required for any business to gain new customers and keep the current customers coming back for more.

The next level is £295.00 p/m (minimum term 6mths) and includes an email Autoresponder including monthly configuration and management tasks.

Finally, there’s a choice of our Platinum package of £597.00 p/m (minimum term 3mths) which includes website management, email Autoresponder, Push Notifications, the BugleCall referral programme (our premium customer loyalty system), video promos and much more.

We realise that this package isn’t appropriate for the start-up Sole Trader type business but, for those small businesses who want everything but without the individual price tags, the Platinum package is perfect.  The price of a one-minute promo video can be as high as £600.00 at the regular, one-off, price but paying the monthly Platinum deal can bring you a video plus all the other requirements at no extra charge and so there are no surprise bills or hidden charges involved.

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