New Website For Super-Popular Video Service

Marketing Bugle saw it coming a long time ago, but now video really has become the very best thing to use in your marketing in order to get the most conversions for your promo campaigns.

To this end, we are going to launch a separate website which will be dedicated to promotional videos, intros, outros, logo stingers and overlays for existing videos.

These are great add-ons to your current videos in order to make them more appealing to viewers or we can produce your animated promo from start to finish.

Although not originally a specialist in video production, videos made by Marketing Bugle have fared very well for the businesses that have used them. We let charities have them at no charge in order to test them out when we first launched the service and all have said that it made that difference to their fund-raising promotions … all brought a higher success level.

Today, we can create intros/outros/overlays and stingers very quickly and where the new website will reflect this. They are all affordable solutions as they are animations rather than requiring a big-time movie budget in order to get started.

If you already have a completed video that just needs smartening up, then this service would also be great for you. As a standalone video or as part of a full-blown promo campaign, Marketing Bugle can make it work for you … even if it hasn't in the past.

More details will follow over the next few days in time for the new video website launch.

Placing videos on your Facebook Timeline instead of just text or text and images, can really extend the reach you are given.

You’ll notice the difference in the number of people you reach with your Facebook post when you use a VIDEO. Marketing Bugle can produce animated videos for just this purpose which contain your contact details, tagline and message ready for you to improve your conversions right from day one.

You don’t need to pay out for a production team and complicated, long-winded editing, rather, set up a few affordable promo videos and view the difference right away.

See the examples below and then book your videos ready to post to your Timeline, or anywhere, come to that.  Voiceovers can be added.

Video has proven to get your business higher reach figures so more people view your posts. But just where do you find things to show on your video? Let Marketing Bugle put together a selection of short videos for you, they can work wonders for your conversions.

Posting original video on your Timeline really does make an incredible difference and where you'll see the viewing figures rise, compared to ordinary posts, right away. Post different videos on a regular basis for best results.

Clever Video Technology With Countdown Timer

What will we think of next? These little gems are proving very successful for businesses by creating urgency while, at the same time, explaining what the viewer has to do on your webpage next.

BugleBox videos are a part of the BugleVids series and feature a short video with a countdown timer below it.

Let’s say you have a link on your Facebook page pointing to an offer on yours or someone else’s web page … your visitor clicks the link, lands on the page when a pop up video, with the countdown timer, appears to explain, “Enter your name and email in the form on this page before the countdown timer reaches zero, to enter the Prize Draw”.

This encourages the person to enter. Or you could use it to get email sign-ups for your newsletter. In fact, any call to action you require, the BugleBox video with its Countdown Timer will definitely encourage more positive responses and get you more potential customers.

Contact Marketing Bugle about this or any video promotion services in the BugleVids series. They are all proven to work and we can advise on which one is best for your business advertising campaign.

Proven To Create More Customer Responses

BugleBox features a headline, very short video, countdown timer and 'Call to Action' button. It can pop up on ANY page, even other websites that you don't own.  Proven to get more responses.

BugleVids are here.  Visit This Page To Discover Why Your Business Will Benefit

Don't get bogged down with your online marketing. We can do it all for you

Unique 'One-to-One' Service

Many clients of Marketing Bugle have perfectly good businesses but just struggle with the technical side of running the online side of things.

Yes, they have a website but it’s not optimised or set up correctly.

They rarely have an Autoresponder system to run automated email, relationship-building, campaigns and their Social Media is a little on the quiet side, too.

And, should they require a short video promo to help get their message out … no chance, as that costs a fortune and they just wouldn’t know where to begin if they could afford it.

How about creating sales material?

You know … posters, leaflets, coupons, fliers, Social Media cover images, eBook covers, business cards, web banners, Facebook Ads and so on. It all takes expertise and expense.

Putting this all together in a ‘Sales Funnel’ so that you can actually sell your products and services over the Internet (as well as offline) is time consuming, costly and you need to set aside time to do it EVERY month.

Online marketing isn’t something that should be done once, then stop. It is a continuous cycle that keeps the profits coming in while using your email Autoresponder system to keep in touch with potential customers ...

Leave The Technical Online Stuff To Us - In Fact - Leave EVERYTHING To Us

(...cont) Having to go to separate service providers in order to put all this together would break your budget in month one so, you need a provider that has in-house expertise, an expertise that goes back years with someone who lives and breathes Internet marketing.

Having a closer, one to one, relationship with your marketing agent is the secret. Someone who can take away the technical geeky issues and simply deliver your results month in – month out.

This is EXACTLY what Marketing Bugle do for their clients.

They work closely with clients, keep in touch while showing you what’s going on and giving any training required, as we go.

Give Martyn Brown a call today or use the form on this website to get in touch. Ask any questions you have about online marketing and we’ll explain how we can help.

One monthly fee gives you all of the above, when you need it. Don’t pay for what you will never use but DO, however, have access to the unique tools that will make your business a success using online resources. Marketing Bugle will show you the way.

Nobody in the world can guarantee you success but, at Marketing Bugle, we haven’t failed yet. Contact us to discover why we say; Marketing Bugle – Different Digital Marketing.

I’m getting into the new ‘Periscope’ App more and more, I find, after realising its full potential over the past few months.

Since its launch around five months ago, 10,000,000 new users have registered and it’s growing super-fast every day.

Simply put, the Twitter owned Periscope video recording App is a way for people to explore the world through someone else’s eyes.

However, you know me … once a new software reaches the Internet, I look for ways in which business users can benefit from it. Normally free, these Apps and pieces of software can be very useful when first launched as they allow a user to do so much on it that would otherwise not be possible or that would cost the earth to implement.

It’s not until the software gets to be the ‘most used on the Internet’ that they start messing with it (normally to earn some money from advertisers) that its true usefulness starts to wane and a business has to start paying for the right to gain anything from it, financially.

Anyhow, recording Scopinars (Webinars), live ‘Podcasts’ Scopecasts? … probably 🙂 tours of your business, running challenges, Workshops or Workscopes (I’m making these up now, but I’m sure it’ll catch on), training shows, music spots, tips and advice slots, regular ‘update’ broadcasts, coaching or consulting classes, estate agent property tours, Auctions, sponsored events, Crowd-Scoping, Scope as a Service etc. etc., could make you lots of money through selling via the Periscope medium.

This is Social Media at its most inventive and it is running fast like wildfire all around the world.

The simple things work best, as always and all your viewer needs to do is download the App to view on their Smartphone, PC, iPad, Iphone etc..

This is great news for those in business as you can do so much right from your Smartphone by way of video and audio.

No matter where you are or what you are doing, if you have your mobile phone with you, you could be earning money or, let’s face it, just having fun.

The Periscope platform is getting bigger every day, very quickly so, get on board soon to benefit from this early take-up. Marketing Bugle will be adding this as a service soon (I’m just building one of two websites that are going to be dedicated to it … watch this space) and where a simple video or video series can catapult your sales instantly; this is exciting.

10,000,000 Users In Just 4 Months

Local Business Can Benefit From Periscope

Bugle Video Websites – With A Difference

Automatically imports, sorts, and stores appropriate videos to your business niche

SEO is Built In

The most advanced video curator ever built

Fully mobile responsive

Automatic lead-generation system built in

Works on your Facebook Fanpage

Takes advertising from YOUR clients, if required

C O M I N G – S O O N

See Facebook Version


Automatically Adds Video Content

Sample DJ website, Click to see bigger image

Don’t waste your time, effort and money by discarding your ‘failed’ promo videos.

Send them to Marketing Bugle to bring them back to life.

It’s rarely the fault of the video content itself, you’ll have done your best to get that part right.

It’s how you prepare your video for the actual marketing part that is failing you.

Marketing Bugle can make your video ‘interactive’ by adding Live-Link overlays by way of your transparent logo, for example, or labelled button with a ‘Call To Action’ and even a name and email capture form so that viewers can request more details, ‘Buy Now’ or subscribe to your newsletter.

Any Live-Link can be to any destination, ie, web page, another video, download and so on. All features work perfectly on Facebook pages, as well.

Contact Marketing Bugle for more details.

There’s no doubt about it! Info-Graphic video WORKS, ie, views to your posts increase, at least, five-fold but I have witnessed an 800% increase in click-throughs on sales or name capture pages over the past few weeks.

One Estate agent, for example, was getting four or five clicks on a ‘standard’ movie video per month but their new info-graphic videos (the ones Marketing Bugle produce) which replaced the old-fashioned video, got 42 click-throughs during the first four days.

A pub/restaurant website started getting enquiries from people using their online forms when they had never been used before … simply by using an info graphic video to encourage people to contact them in order to book a meal.

Radio DJs have gained more listeners by showing the viewer what’s coming up on their shows by using Info-Graphic or Whiteboard scribe videos.

This proves it can work for any niche, no matter where or what they are.

One Facebook page collects a regular 35 to 135 views on their standard posts of text and or images over a number of weeks. But since placing info-graphic (or Whiteboard scribe) videos in posts, the view rate is around 400 to 600 in just THREE days, on average.

Radio Radio …

Any online radio station out there really needs to contact Marketing Bugle to arrange a series of this type of video for your Social Media posts as they have proven VERY popular with listeners and proven to increase awareness of your scheduled shows or the whole station’s output.

In recent tests listener figures have increased right after the viewer count on our videos have brought in more readers.

How Come?

Because the video ‘speaks’ to the eyes and ears, breaking down barriers to people’s understanding and, hence, the videos can convey complex information very simply.

The drawing aspect helps with ‘viewer completion’ with the person mentally guessing what is being drawn in front of them. This helps them remember what was seen even a long time after viewing it.

The viewer will also complete what is being drawn. Two dots and a curved line, for example, give the impression of a human face smiling even though the rest of the face isn’t drawn yet, so the simplicity works on many levels no matter how informed or intelligent the viewing person is.

During experiments over the years, it’s been proven that these Info-Graphic videos or Whiteboard scribes teach a person successfully, above and beyond what an ‘ordinary’ presentation can achieve.

It does get a little scientific but, all we really need to know is, you’ll get more customers after using this type of video in your marketing strategies than by using any other method.

It’s now affordable to smaller businesses too so, no excuse not to, at least, give it a go.

To view some demo videos, view our Info-Graphic and Whiteboard scribe demo page here.?