Pubs and pub/restaurants have been benefitting from the services of Marketing Bugle for a number of years now, which is why, at last, a new marketing Care Plan has been created so that landlords and landladies can join in at an affordable rate with a proven system.

Collecting new customer contact details, keeping in touch with them automatically, making offers and interactive online media content etc. all goes towards getting new customers and keeping them coming back again and again.

Once a business has built up a list of 'followers', the sky's the limit for bringing them into your pub or restaurant, pretty well, whenever you want them.

How is this achieved?

Doing it yourself takes time, effort, know-how and an almost bottomless pit of funds.

However, letting Marketing Bugle do it for you for one easy monthly rate, you can get on with running your business while everything required to get you customers (and keeping existing customers) is being done for you, month in-month out.

We attract them to give their first name and main email address.  This subscribes them to your pub email update system (known as an 'Autoresponder') which we create on your behalf.

This list builds and it's to this list that we send your 'relationship building' emails.  These emails contain links to special website 'Landing Pages' that offer something that they can have, when they visit your pub or restaurant.

Add Social Media posts on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, websites and so on and you'll see your business growing each month.

Our special-built online marketing tools ensure we reach them all, at any time and get interaction and responses.  This is achieved by promo videos, quizzes, tempting special deals, prize draws and more.

Let Marketing Bugle do the marketing for your pub/restaurant and see the difference it makes.

You get more time to do what you want to do, instead of being stuck in front of your computer, we bring you more profits, you get the peace of mind knowing it's all being done-for-you and your customers will love being with you.

Get in touch today to discover how the Marketing Bugle Pub-Care-Plan can work for your business.

Create Quizzes - Create Hot New Leads

​Get Your Posts Shared - Create An Interactive Quiz

​Another major update is on the way via Marketing Bugle's survey software.

Your business 'lead-generation' surveys are now more efficient than ever before and can even be described as intelligent.

Those already on the system can upgrade for free and where you will be shown the new features (and benefits, of course) that are coming your way.

At the same time, we are going to be releasing our brand new 'Quiz-Funnels' whereby you can post quizzes that make your Social Media truly interactive and totally Sharable.

You can even reward loyal customers when they recommend your quiz or survey link to others.

Different from other quiz or survey programmes that reward people as they actually Share their link, ours rewards them when their Shared linked creates a new signup and, therefore, encourages a much more positive outcome, rather than simply allowing people to post links everywhere, get rewarded, but you take on no new contacts.

This greatly improved quiz programme will be launched during October 2017.

To jump on board, please get in touch via the contact form on this page.

The launch of the new Sales-Page Bugle is announced for October 21st 2017 and looks to be becoming a hit, judging by the pilot scheme runs.

No less than three businesses are going through the funnel building and getting very encouraging results.

The 'Sales-'Funnel' Bugle' programme consists of Pay-Per-Click advertising to drive traffic to a specially created landing page which invites visitors to attend a forthcoming 20 minute webinar.

On giving their name and email address (which adds them to the business's email marketing database) they can attend the pre-recorded webinar at a pre-determined time or within a minute or two from signing up.

The webinars are stored in a software that can play out at any time and can also be 'replayed'.

Attendees can ask live questions which are immediately sent to the business running the webinar and who can reply right away.  Questions asked during the webinar replay can be replied to and directly delivered into the attendee's email inbox.

Contact Marketing Bugle - Sell High-Ticket Items

During the webinar attendees can receive downloadable bonuses or handouts at any time, automatically.

They can also be redirected at the end of the presentation to any landing page, to any download or any direction pre-selected by the business.  A popular choice is to a survey (to qualify if they get a personal call-back for a consultation) or an appointment making software to book in their slot.  Payment can be taken at any stage.

Call-To-Action buttons can also pop up for the attendees to interact with.

The webinars are pre-recorded but are made to appear live to give the exciting impression of a real-time presentation.  This is why questions posted in the comments box can be answered then and there.  It also increases sign ups, conversions and sales into the businesses sales funnel.

The presenter doesn't have to actually be there on every webinar but they, or a representative can keep up with the Q&As coming in live.

Why run the webinars this way?  To capture as many of the people who click on the PPC ads (run from Facebook Ads etc.) as possible.  The webinars can literally be run as often as you please.

If someone misses a webinar after they booked their seat, they can view a replay or anyone who attended can view it again … it's all built in to the programme.

The Sales-Page Bugle programme is ideal for higher ticket items that are usually harder to sell or find a target audience for.  They are designed and created based on the most successful systems that have gone before and formed in a way that is easy for potential customers to join, follow and buy into.  Early results have been excellent and where consultants, life coaches, the health related niche, interior designers and more, have all enjoyed early success with Sales-Page Bugle.

Never fret about selling high-ticket items again.  Using Sales-Page Bugle certainly improves your chances of getting the right people to invite into your programme and charge what you or your service are really worth.  Contact Marketing Bugle to find out more.

Congratulations to our winner of the Win-a-Website competition. Caroline Hall from the UK is going to have a platform for her children's books that she is currently writing.

Caroline''s website will be up before the end of July and she is thrilled to bits.

Thank you to everyone who entered and where I promise that you will receive many subscriber benefits from your email membership to Marketing Bugle.

Hector the Hedgehog by Caroline Hall

Marketing Bugle have a number of different 'Sales Funnels' in operation at any one time, both for themselves and their clients.

They are all pretty-well based on the same foundations, though. Until now.

This new funnel is designed for higher tickets items … those products or services that cost a few hundred or, even, a few thousand pounds for your client to sign up to or to purchase.

By making major alterations to the, so called 'standard' sales funnel, it can now qualify your potential clients before you ever get to chat with them about how you can help them.

Using intelligent webinar systems, surveys and calendars, you can nail it and get your ideal customer every time. If you use consultations to gain customers but are getting too many 'no's' or, not getting any leads at all, then this will be for you.

Launching in August 2017, Bugle HTI (High Ticket Item) really will be the ultimate sales funnel that has proven to work every time for our pilot programme users and similar programmes that are already in existence but that we have improved upon exponentially.

Simple Process That Generates 'High Ticket' Leads

One of the successful 'High Ticket' funnel suggestions
Click to discover what can be done for you online

Have It ALL Done For You

Most businesses realise that there is so much to learn in order to get your products and services selling constantly online.

Dozens of things to remember, day in and day out, that, should you not perform something, it affects your rankings, signup rates and, of course, your sales.

This is where 'Done For You Internet' comes in.

No matter which marketing task you need implementing online, they can do it for you, along with other required jobs, for one affordable monthly fee.  Visit to see what's on offer.

Top Marketers Perform Tasks You Haven't Got Time To Learn

Topics covered include Broadcasting, Business websites, email marketing, Live links, Printing, Social Media, Surveys, Video production, Webinars and much more.

Done For You Internet was launched as a partner business to Marketing Bugle as so many potential clients were looking for an affordable ongoing monthly solution to their online marketing headaches.

Most people are short of time, don't want to pay a full timer for a job that needn't take all day or simply don't know how to work things online in order to make a successful business out of it.  Outsourcing your task is one of the answers so, get in touch with DFI today and see what can be done for your business.

Keep Leads Coming In - Even From Used Presentations

Why present your webinar just once?

You may even record it and use the 'Replay' feature.

But, how about making it 'Live' again?

… taking live questions from your webinar attendees and being able to answer, there and then, as soon as you receive the question(s). Although this is an optional feature, it is very useful .

And all the time, you aren't actually on the webinar but, rather, monitoring it.

You decide when the pre-recorded webinar goes 'Live' and, also, when it is replayed just like an ordinary webinar or video presentation.

Grab signups - Day in and day out

Why 'pretend' that an event is live, when it's not?

Well, you're not actaully saying it's live but it does give the impression it's live because you can answer questions live.

Advertising your webinar will attract new potential clients and where they sign up to your event.

Selling your product or service to your audience works exactly like a LIVE webinar and you can monitor it right from wherever you happen to be, at any time.

You then offer the replay of the event to this audience.

Your target audience have opted into your email mailing list and are ready to buy from you after your webinar or pre-recorded video presentation.

Repeat this process for all of your post-live webinars or pre-recorded webinars.

Marketing Bugle can set this whole process in motion for your business.

Even if you don't have an existing webinar or video promo, we can create one for you.

Contact us today.

We can even automate Handouts, and when they appear, Call to Actions and when they appear plus other features that enhance the viewer's whole webinar experience.  Plus it increases your chances of conversions to sales and signups, no end.

We Can Now Create Content For You

Be honest, do you REALLY like posting to all your Social Media accounts each day? I thought not.

It can become a chore and so now Marketing Bugle have updated their Social posting programme to include unique content for your posts.

Simply open an account and we'll post as often as you need.

You may have noticed that auto-posted posts don't get as much reaction as Facebook, for example, seem to deem them less original, however, our programme manually creates the posts and sends them to your account. This way, they get better reach towards your audience.

We can also create 'Video Sales Letter' (VSLs) which are text and image based slideshow videos, for your accounts. Get the maximum reach without the pain that usually goes with it … have Marketing Bugle do the posting for you, on any account. Contact us now.

You probably already know that video converts viewers into buyers at a much higher rate than text posts alone.

Marketing Bugle are now offering to build VSLs ... Video Sales Letters for clients who want to have an affordable way to use video but without the traditionally high production costs.

The answer is slideshow style text and graphic videos, as you'll see in the video below.

These can be used to create short promo videos, video sales letters and even online educational courses.  Get in touch for more details.