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Marketing Bugle – New Webinars Series For New Business Start-Ups

After running a few workshops for new local business start-ups over the past few months, it was suggested that we should record these events for later viewing online from the comfort of the viewer’s own home or office.

This gave us the idea of presenting fresh new content rather than recordings from the live events.

To this end webinars with useful information and ‘how-tos’ are being created so that anyone just starting up in business can book into a webinar session, free of charge, and view it from wherever they are online.

So far we have covered all the basics like setting up your first website, Search Engine Optimisation, email marketing, Affiliate marketing, Facebook and other Social Media platforms, Advertising online and how to get your offline business working for you online.

Marketing Bugle also produce more, in-depth workshops which will be used to create the more advanced webinars in the series.

We are starting to produce the webinars during April and should have the first one ready to roll during the month.

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We Welcome Your Suggestions For Webinar Trainings

Webinars - Ideal for training purposes

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