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UPDATE - 21st May: The first pub/restaurant to use BugleCall is getting astounding results. Within minutes of launch over 20 sign-ups from genuine referrals.  I had some fine-tuning to perform but, all systems go now.  Come on board, you'll LOVE it.

The Marketing Bugle customer-getting programme, BugleCall is now on general release and ready to take on the world.

The customer referral system has proven to speed up the process of creating customer loyalty (rather than just rewarding it) and where it is attracting attention from pubs and restaurants along with smaller businesses that realise they can benefit from BugleCall and this unique way of gaining new customers.

The Big Names, Like Dropbox and Paypal Built Their Entire Business On Referrals - Now You Can, Too

All it takes are a few ideas of how you would like to reward those who refer new subscribers to an automated email marketing system. The subscribers only join, of course, if they are interested in the reward on offer. This can be discounts, free meals when they buy something, Prize Draws, downloads etc. and where the BugleCall programme will automatically test each to see which one is pulling in the most new subscribers.

The Most Powerful Marketing Technique On The Planet - Referrals
by Existing Customers

You then have a programme running 365 days of the year where you KNOW it is converting well and brining you in regular new customers.

BugleCall will then monitor which person/people are using which offer the most and ensure they are ‘looked after’ by being rewarded when they refer even more new customers.

Stop Struggling To Get New Referred Customers -
Join BugleCall Now To Benefit FAST

Existing subscribers will refer their friends and colleagues by using a unique link automatically generated for them by the programme (it also tracks their actions and the actions of their referrals) while sending out rewards for each ‘goal’ they reach (referring 5 new customers etc.) people can also refer others by using email, Social Media or anything online.

Making The Most From What Social Media Was Made For -
Interaction And Referrals

One Click technology ensures instant signups once a person has subscribed.

Businesses can run sweep-stakes, competitions, contests, give points, coupons, discount vouchers, digital downloadable files, video promotions, giveaways and so on, they all work on the BugleCall network.

Select Your Promotions Then Leave The Rest To BugleCall

In fact, the customer referral system can be as simple or as complicated as you please but where we’ve found the simple, basic routine increases signups by 5x on average.

You Can Make BugleCall As Simple or As Complex As You Please - But Even The Basic Settings Will Make A Difference

Once a business’ subscriber list grows to just a few hundred, just one email to the list introducing a new offer can make a huge difference to how busy they are on any chosen time. The business controls the crowds, when, how and where they respond.

To join BugleCall, contact Marketing Bugle today.

One Simple Monthly Fee Covers The Complete Programme - BugleCall Is Already PROVEN - You Simply Jump On board

Marketing Bugle Look After Everything Above - It's 'Hands-Off' Easy -
You Get The Customers + 100% Of The Profits

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