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Your offers are sent out to the whole subscriber list (or sections of it) to keep them coming back to your business for more PLUS they keep referring new subscribers and customers to you

So, how about a case study, someone asked. An example of how BugleCall can work for a business.

OK, well, just this morning, a pub/restaurant client who is running an offer for a £15.00 voucher in a regular prize draw sent out four prizes to four different email subscribers.

Every business has a list of subscribers who are signed up to their email updates programme.

One of the four winners booked a table for the very next day and asked for a table for four adults and two teenage children. And this was to visit the restaurant in order to redeem the voucher for £15.00 off of FOOD. Anything drinks related or over the face value of the voucher would have to be paid for, of course.

So the perceived value of the discount was good enough for the prize winner to book a family meal. You can work out profit margins, no doubt 🙂

The expiry date on the voucher was for just over a month’s time. This gives the deal urgency … if it isn’t’ used, you lose it. People don’t like to lose out and so will usually redeem the voucher at some stage before its expiry date.

The best way to look at this is to not feel that you are giving a way the value of the voucher, rather, it’s an investment to create a perceived value.

Sometimes £15.00 isn’t enough to tempt the winner into booking a table and so we could start offering a £25.00 voucher but for a table for TWO. On average, a couple will spend £40.00+ on their booking.

So the perceived value of £25.00 from a payment by the customer of, say, £45.00 gives £20.00 profit BUT, the winner very often comes back another day for another meal. In fact, we make sure of it by placing more tempting deals in front of them.

It’s all ‘permission based’ marketing, ie, they asked to join the email list in order to receive such offers and we deliver.

BugleCall has a very successful ‘main’ feature which is asking existing subscribers to recommend their friends and colleagues in order to receive such rewards (note we create loyalty not just reward it).

When they reach a goal of, say, 5 recommendations, they get their next reward automatically.

This builds your subscriber list 5x faster than normal.

The better the deal, the more customers you get and nobody gets anything until they commit to spending something in legal tender. This is why our programme works better than other well-known voucher or coupon systems, because we do not give away anything for totally free, there has to be a commitment in the first place.

The other reason BugleCall works so well is because the potential customers are PRE-QUALIFIED to be on your subscriber list, in other words, they have to be known to want to be on your list and, therefore, responding to your offers.

There are a lot of offers but you also get a lot of customers, exactly when you want them.

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Did You Know?

Each of your offers is ‘Split-Tested’ to find out which VERSION of each one works best. The best one is automatically rolled out to more people

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Did You Know?

The programme automatically reminds subscribers when they are near their next goal (causing them to start Sharing your promo link more) and so more new subscribers come in every day 24/7

It’s agreed, nobody takes too much notice of ‘5% off’ deals as they simply don’t mean anything but, if you give the perception you are giving away an amazing value, people can and DO respond, regularly.

Yes, you are giving away the (perceived) value of the voucher but you are getting many times that back in hard cash, so to speak. You only need to temp a family into your restaurant and the voucher’s already paid its dues.

When you add up the cost of your ongoing advertising, it normally takes away a huge amount of your profit but, using the BugleCall programme keeps it all under control so you know what you’re spending out on and only spending it on things that work, ie, bringing you in new leads.

The busier you get, the busier you get … let me explain. One of your offers brings in, say, 100 people. Because the BugleCall programme brought them in, they are automatically enrolled in the recommendation programme to gain rewards (or points) when they recommend a certain number of people. So the 100 new-joins introduce 5 new people each, hence, you get busier, still.

It’s easy nowadays for people to recommend others due to online tools like Social Media (especially things like Facebook and email).

BugleCall programme is designed to work online as it’s perfectly integrated with aforementioned Social Media and can track every person subscribed, issuing their rewards automatically as they achieve the set goals.

Overall, it costs a specific ongoing list of fees in order to keep your restaurant going, whether it is busy or it is quiet. Because BugleCall brings you in a regular stream of customers, it is in fact multiplying your profits at a much faster rate as time goes by.

Your outgoings for running the restaurant remain the same while your incomings are going up … it can’t be stopped; it just goes viral with recommendations.

You only pay for what is working on your BugleCall programme so, unless you have a higher number of subscribers, you don’t pay for them.

This is a great way of ensuring that, when you first start and your subscriber list is smaller, you only pay for the difference it’s making to your business. As the list grows, so will your profit and so the extra you pay for BugleCall monthly won’t be noticeable. We have found this to be the fairest way to price the system and it has proven to work very well for any niche of business.

Getting started. There are a few clever ways to get off to a flying start with your BugleCall programme and one is the way that Marketing Bugle use Social Media advertising to boost awareness to your offers and special deals.

In fact, there are several ways from website strategies, promo videos, email marketing and more that will ensure people get to see what you are offering.

Retargeting an audience is an amazing technique to guarantee nobody misses your ad campaign.

Local customer targeting or GEO targeted anywhere can be achieved using your BugleCall programme. And we do all the work for you … there is nothing technical for you to be involved with and you’ll get the customers and their 100% bookings.

This is the story of just one potential customer who turned into a customer and remained so. However, there will be dozens of them eventually, then hundreds and then thousands for you to reach month in, month out for as long as you please.

Contact Marketing Bugle today.

This customer-getting system works well for pubs, restaurants and similar businesses but has proven to be very effective for most business niches as it can be adapted accordingly. Contact Martyn Brown at Marketing Bugle for details.

Did You Know?

BugleCall continues on your behalf each day 365 days a year, automatically with Marketing Bugle monitoring every step so that you can refine the offers and prize draws etc. to make them even more efficient