With profits up by 78%, Facebook seem to have cornered the advertising market.


Because it works for end-users.

But, if you would like to reach more people on your 'ordinary' posts, then it's a good idea to use the Facebook Live Video process.

Since being introduced, Facebook have been very generous and, for those who use their platform to broadcast LIVE videos, they seem to give them almost 100% reach to their audience. Compare this to just 6% of non-live posts and you'll see how powerful the Live system is for your business.

Marketing Bugle have introduced Bugle-FB-Live a system for streaming your pre-recorded videos as though they were live and, hence, reaching that bigger audience.

What use is this?

A number of businesses that I speak to have tried Facebook Live Video and say, it's all very well but very difficult to get things right, technically. They are trying to concentrate on getting their business message right while, at the same time, trying to ensure the audio and image are performing correctly. This leads to a disjointed presentation while the talent juggles with technology and looking professional at the same time.

To get around this issue, our new Bugle-FB-Live system can take your prepared video and simply stream it through the Facebook API. In the Facebook Terms & Conditions they simply state that you must tell the audience that the video is pre-recorded. We do this in the description that is uploaded to the Facebook Profile, Page or Group.

Because you have been able to edit out any mistakes and make your video presentation as perfect as can be, the end result is that your audience see you and your business at its best.

Give Facebook Live Video a go, you won't be disappointed as it definitely does reach more people and notifies those who follow you of your broadcast.

Your video is automatically saved to your Timeline and so others who missed it can view it, too.

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