It's Now Easier Than Ever To Add & Edit Your Own Content

Since starting up our own web hosting service, we’ve been having a good look around at what’s available to help clients add content to their websites.

Marketing Bugle have always been unique in that they offer a special editing software to WordPress websites that makes it drag and drop easy to add and position content.

We have now found something even more powerful and customised it so that clients can even change the layout of their website framework. Currently under a pilot scheme, Bugle-Builder is yet another first for Marketing Bugle, here in the UK.

I am planning to launch the new system on the Marketing Bugle web hosting servers during February but this will be announced when a definite date has been set.

I am building new sites for existing clients using this exciting technology and, once I’m totally familiar with it, it will be rolled out fully.

Building websites has never been easier. Adding and editing content has never been easier. The new Bugle-Builder will be an affordable solution for everyone from Sole Traders to small and medium fully fledged businesses anywhere in the world.

Now everyone can enjoy eaiser website editing

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