There are cetain things that put a person off from coming out with that book that they've always had in them.

How can you print your book when you only need 100 copies?  You can only buy ISBN codes ten at a time which works out expensive, especially when you probably won't write another nine books.  Doesn't it cost thousands of pounds to print books?  What about marketing and distribution?

Well, all those hurdles can now be overcome nowadays as printing prices have come down, you can have just ONE ISBN code, marketing methods have improved enormously (they are very effective the way Marketing Bugle run the, anyway :-))? and you can print, say, 100 copies of your publication as digital printing allows lower and more affordable print runs.

Gone are the days when you needed to have a minimum print-run of thousands in order be allowed to go ahead publishing your book.

We have Kindle, Lulu and such-like but, sometimes, it is still good to work offline? to reach the people in 3D land, especially if your book is for your own local area.  Contact Marketing Bugle about publishing your book.

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