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April 2015 Your Site Will
Need To Be Responsive

21st April 2015 is important if you are in business and you run a website.

Many webmasters will tell you that your website is ‘mobile friendly’ as it displays ‘nicely’ on a mobile phone. Yes, indeed, the whole of your front page does display on a mobile phone but, can it be read clearly and is it easy to navigate?

Go and try it.

If you have to scroll, swipe and flick your way around the screen to find out where you are, then you’ll need to urgently upgrade or rebuild your website, otherwise Google will take you to task and you’ll be ranked lower in this respect.

Your business website needs to be ‘responsive’ to any mobile device so that is displays perfectly on the screen AND can be navigated easily in order for the reader to find the information that they are looking for quickly.

Click the link below to read Google’s warning about this.

Google Warning!

To this end, Marketing Bugle would like to remind you about their Business Start-Up packages whereby you can have your website built, optimised AND be 100% mobile responsive.

Build prices depend on what you want but the ideal start-up site has proven to work well for most businesses and is only £195.00 including the domain and hosting for a year. After that it is just £65.00 a year for the server space, maintenance, support and large bandwidth (we don’t want any slow running websites here :-)).

You also get your own username and password to access the backend of the site where you can add and edit content to your heart’s desire. Of course, you also have a matching email addresses to suit the domain and your business.

You will be shown how to add and edit content where, if you can already use email and a simple word processor, then this will be easy for you.

Contact Martyn at Marketing Bugle for details.

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