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It’s become very important that your website loads quickly giving the visitor an exceptional user experience as they navigate from page to page. However, so many websites take an age to load or certainly long enough for search engines like Google to penalise the domain and, therefore, not give it the higher ranking it probably deserves.

Website backup is also important just in case of anything going wrong. Downtime can be cut down to just seconds if you have a good backup to restore to the server but, again, so many hosting companies do not back up the entire website … occasionally the database but NOT the files as well.

What about malware protection? Many sites are attacked by viruses which puts them out of action or slows them down in some way. Constant protection is a must nowadays.

Marketing Bugle are one of the very first digital marketing businesses in the UK to offer cloud hosting from Amazon AWS servers which run websites much faster and much more secure than ordinary servers running from conventional disc drives or SSD drives.

Websites can now be hosted with automatic backups, malware protection superfast load/running speed with no outages, should traffic surges occur. Prices start at just £67 p/m and where the WordPress platform is used to full effect with no user maintenance required.

Please get in touch with Marketing Bugle if you’d like details of this exciting new service. If you have a current WordPress site that you would like to transfer to our high-speed server, we can do this for you very quickly.

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