Facebook Timeline Videos That Become 'Interactive'

Promo videos on your Timeline were first introduced on Facebook a couple of years ago and where Marketing Bugle lead the way by launching business promotions for various companies using this very lucrative feature.

We have now advanced this strategy to the level of being able to have the business URL or message on the box containing the video, along with a selling headline.

The post can also be Shared and Ad Boosted on top of this.

There is a CTA (Call To Action) redirect at the end of the video too, which can point to any destination on the Internet.

A label can be added (in the form of an image or text) that is a Live Link, again, to any destination.

This is proving very powerful when promoting business services, products or events.

If you would like to try this new technology, please contact Marketing Bugle using this form or call us at any time.

BugleVids On Steroids!

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