New Website For Super-Popular Video Service

Marketing Bugle saw it coming a long time ago, but now video really has become the very best thing to use in your marketing in order to get the most conversions for your promo campaigns.

To this end, we are going to launch a separate website which will be dedicated to promotional videos, intros, outros, logo stingers and overlays for existing videos.

These are great add-ons to your current videos in order to make them more appealing to viewers or we can produce your animated promo from start to finish.

Although not originally a specialist in video production, videos made by Marketing Bugle have fared very well for the businesses that have used them. We let charities have them at no charge in order to test them out when we first launched the service and all have said that it made that difference to their fund-raising promotions … all brought a higher success level.

Today, we can create intros/outros/overlays and stingers very quickly and where the new website will reflect this. They are all affordable solutions as they are animations rather than requiring a big-time movie budget in order to get started.

If you already have a completed video that just needs smartening up, then this service would also be great for you. As a standalone video or as part of a full-blown promo campaign, Marketing Bugle can make it work for you … even if it hasn't in the past.

More details will follow over the next few days in time for the new video website launch.

Landing Page Must NOT Have Name Capture

New Service From Marketing Bugle - '

Bugle Bridge Pages'

The Rules Have Changed On Facebook

You can no longer send anyone from your Facebook Ad directly to a sign-up page.

The way most advertisers run their Ads is, of course, to send people directly to the page that holds the form taking their contact details in order to sign up to the vendor’s email list.

So what do you do instead?

Marketing Bugle can help.

We can produce ‘Bridge’ pages which contain video or audio and text in order to make the transition to your sign up page agreeable to Facebook's new terms of service. The audio files can be stored in your Dropbox account and stream from there.

Sample Bridge Page.

For more details, contact us today.

Guarantee That Your Message Will Be Seen

Push Notfications Are Already Proving a Winner For Those Who Need To Keep In Touch With Their Customers

Used Sensibly, This Technology Is a Winner

Marketing Bugle have now jumped on board the exciting ‘Push Notification’ technology.

What is this?

It’s a little like when you have an App on your Smartphone and where the vendor could send you notifications directly to your phone and so guarantee that you would see the message.

Response rates to these types of notifications has always been higher than with other forms of messaging as you are popping up right in front of the very person’s eyes who are already qualified to be interested in what you have to say.

Recently, Internet browsers like Apple’s Safari, Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox have started to allow these, so called, Push Notifications. Microsoft’s Edge will soon follow suit.

This is good news for those who regularly want to get their message out to the masses and KNOW that they are going to see the message, unlike an email that may lay hidden in someone’s junk folder or in with a mass of other emails in the inbox … all fighting to be, at least, opened.

My Marketing Bugle service, called BuglePush can install this feature in your website and run it for you so that you keep in touch with your customers or potential customers. It can also add them to your existing email list.

It works by showing a label to the visitor when they visit your website or webpage.

It asks if they would like to receive such message from you. Usually the response rate is very high for this type of thing, especially if you offer some kind of ‘reward’ for them saying YES.

You can then either take their email address and send them to any page or simply say Thank You and let the Push Notifications take over. In the Marketing Bugle system, you can pre-programme a number of Push Notifications to get them started and this has proven very useful.

Or you can simply send out a Push Notification every so often, manually.

These can be for letting subscribers know when you have updated your Blog or to send them to your latest Special Offer. I let people know when my latest newsletter is out, give them free downloadable gifts, any Call To Action or latest news. The ideas are almost endless.

Used sensibly, Push Notifications do actually work very well. They don’t display those annoying pop up Ad type blocks but, rather, simply notify, just like a Facebook update does in your bottom right hand side of the screen.

Push Notifications can be sent to phones via their browser, tablets, PCs and Macs.

Once a person has subscribed, they won’t see your request for them to join again. They can also unsubscribe at any time, just like with your email newsletter.

Once your list grows, you can segment it and send out notifications to specific people.

For example, if you only want those people who clicked on a specific message or went to a specific page, you can do that. Maybe you have a message for Mac users only, again, you can contact just them. If you have something appropriate to those who live in America, you can ensure only the US residents will receive it, and so on.

In our tests, response rates have been high, especially if you’re driving traffic to your site from advertising. As long as your Push Notification offer is appropriate to that audience, it will convert well.

I have been integrating this new BuglePush programme in with the recently launched BugleCall programme and they do work excellently together.

The power of rewards for points, points for referrals and Push Notification/email marketing is incredible and that’s why we are introducing it to every one of our clients.

If you would like to get involved in order to get more customers and sales, contact me, Martyn Brown, at Marketing Bugle today.

Click For BugleCall Case Study

UPDATE - 21st May: The first pub/restaurant to use BugleCall is getting astounding results. Within minutes of launch over 20 sign-ups from genuine referrals.  I had some fine-tuning to perform but, all systems go now.  Come on board, you'll LOVE it.

The Marketing Bugle customer-getting programme, BugleCall is now on general release and ready to take on the world.

The customer referral system has proven to speed up the process of creating customer loyalty (rather than just rewarding it) and where it is attracting attention from pubs and restaurants along with smaller businesses that realise they can benefit from BugleCall and this unique way of gaining new customers.

The Big Names, Like Dropbox and Paypal Built Their Entire Business On Referrals - Now You Can, Too

All it takes are a few ideas of how you would like to reward those who refer new subscribers to an automated email marketing system. The subscribers only join, of course, if they are interested in the reward on offer. This can be discounts, free meals when they buy something, Prize Draws, downloads etc. and where the BugleCall programme will automatically test each to see which one is pulling in the most new subscribers.

The Most Powerful Marketing Technique On The Planet - Referrals
by Existing Customers

You then have a programme running 365 days of the year where you KNOW it is converting well and brining you in regular new customers.

BugleCall will then monitor which person/people are using which offer the most and ensure they are ‘looked after’ by being rewarded when they refer even more new customers.

Stop Struggling To Get New Referred Customers -
Join BugleCall Now To Benefit FAST

Existing subscribers will refer their friends and colleagues by using a unique link automatically generated for them by the programme (it also tracks their actions and the actions of their referrals) while sending out rewards for each ‘goal’ they reach (referring 5 new customers etc.) people can also refer others by using email, Social Media or anything online.

Making The Most From What Social Media Was Made For -
Interaction And Referrals

One Click technology ensures instant signups once a person has subscribed.

Businesses can run sweep-stakes, competitions, contests, give points, coupons, discount vouchers, digital downloadable files, video promotions, giveaways and so on, they all work on the BugleCall network.

Select Your Promotions Then Leave The Rest To BugleCall

In fact, the customer referral system can be as simple or as complicated as you please but where we’ve found the simple, basic routine increases signups by 5x on average.

You Can Make BugleCall As Simple or As Complex As You Please - But Even The Basic Settings Will Make A Difference

Once a business’ subscriber list grows to just a few hundred, just one email to the list introducing a new offer can make a huge difference to how busy they are on any chosen time. The business controls the crowds, when, how and where they respond.

To join BugleCall, contact Marketing Bugle today.

One Simple Monthly Fee Covers The Complete Programme - BugleCall Is Already PROVEN - You Simply Jump On board

Marketing Bugle Look After Everything Above - It's 'Hands-Off' Easy -
You Get The Customers + 100% Of The Profits

Placing videos on your Facebook Timeline instead of just text or text and images, can really extend the reach you are given.

You’ll notice the difference in the number of people you reach with your Facebook post when you use a VIDEO. Marketing Bugle can produce animated videos for just this purpose which contain your contact details, tagline and message ready for you to improve your conversions right from day one.

You don’t need to pay out for a production team and complicated, long-winded editing, rather, set up a few affordable promo videos and view the difference right away.

See the examples below and then book your videos ready to post to your Timeline, or anywhere, come to that.  Voiceovers can be added.

Video has proven to get your business higher reach figures so more people view your posts. But just where do you find things to show on your video? Let Marketing Bugle put together a selection of short videos for you, they can work wonders for your conversions.

Posting original video on your Timeline really does make an incredible difference and where you'll see the viewing figures rise, compared to ordinary posts, right away. Post different videos on a regular basis for best results.

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Clever Video Technology With Countdown Timer

What will we think of next? These little gems are proving very successful for businesses by creating urgency while, at the same time, explaining what the viewer has to do on your webpage next.

BugleBox videos are a part of the BugleVids series and feature a short video with a countdown timer below it.

Let’s say you have a link on your Facebook page pointing to an offer on yours or someone else’s web page … your visitor clicks the link, lands on the page when a pop up video, with the countdown timer, appears to explain, “Enter your name and email in the form on this page before the countdown timer reaches zero, to enter the Prize Draw”.

This encourages the person to enter. Or you could use it to get email sign-ups for your newsletter. In fact, any call to action you require, the BugleBox video with its Countdown Timer will definitely encourage more positive responses and get you more potential customers.

Contact Marketing Bugle about this or any video promotion services in the BugleVids series. They are all proven to work and we can advise on which one is best for your business advertising campaign.

Proven To Create More Customer Responses

BugleBox features a headline, very short video, countdown timer and 'Call to Action' button. It can pop up on ANY page, even other websites that you don't own.  Proven to get more responses.

Facebook Timeline Videos That Become 'Interactive'

Promo videos on your Timeline were first introduced on Facebook a couple of years ago and where Marketing Bugle lead the way by launching business promotions for various companies using this very lucrative feature.

We have now advanced this strategy to the level of being able to have the business URL or message on the box containing the video, along with a selling headline.

The post can also be Shared and Ad Boosted on top of this.

There is a CTA (Call To Action) redirect at the end of the video too, which can point to any destination on the Internet.

A label can be added (in the form of an image or text) that is a Live Link, again, to any destination.

This is proving very powerful when promoting business services, products or events.

If you would like to try this new technology, please contact Marketing Bugle using this form or call us at any time.

BugleVids On Steroids!

BugleVids are here.  Visit This Page To Discover Why Your Business Will Benefit

Knowing Someone Is Looking After Your Online Presence Is Important.  Especially when you are measuring the results

Website remain very important but they are only a tool in the complete 'Sales Funnel' you need to create when operating your business online.  Marketing Bugle's new WordPress Management service has this in mind at all times.

Websites Giving Way For Sales Funnels

A brand new service for new clients has been launched by Marketing Bugle.

It’s there for current clients but now we’ve given it a separate launch for those who require the service.

Nowadays, more people want to improve on what they already have and make use of current content than outright want a brand new website so, to this end we have introduced WordPress Website ‘Management Support. This brings peace of mind to those who already have an up and running site but, also, brings in a management strategy that helps the business develop online over the months and years ahead.

As we start to measure the degree of response to the marketing strategies put in place, we can then improve on what was already in place. We find most people have never properly measured the success of what they were doing online and, therefore, if it can’t be measured, how can you improve on it?

By managing their online presence things can start improving … right from day one.

For more details, contact Marketing Bugle today.