It's True!  Marketing Bugle Launches Web-Hosting Service

Being a marketing business, naturally we have cause to build websites for clients and, indeed, find hosting for them to run their websites on.

This has been fine up to a point but, now, with the most reliable and fastest technology available, Marketing Bugle are about to launch their very own web-hosting service for business clients.

Hosting has become cheaper over the years but the reliability, speed and security seemed to have gotten worse. Customer service and support has been thinned down to an all-time low.

Rather than pass this, less than perfect, service onto clients, Marketing Bugle are now able to supply the service directly. Using the latest (and fastest) SSD technology, back-up systems and customer service, Marketing Bugle Web-Hosting is about to launch in January 2017. More details here.

A new dedicated website is soon to launch for this service.

Using Fastest SSD Technology - Business Special Hosting

Blade Technology - Marketing Bugle Hosting

Tell Us Your Domain Name & Business Niche - We'll Build The Site

Bugle Viral Business-Sites launched today and thanks to all those who have got yourself a site up and running already.

The special low launch price is in operation and you can get your very own site for £299.00 plus hosting & management (£20 p/m) right now.

Simply tell Marketing Bugle your domain name, we’ll sort some of your business-niche keywords and build the site, complete with content.

Contact us now to reserve your brand new viral website.

Latest Launch a Great Success - Bugle Viral Business-Sites

Ideal 2nd website to compliment your main business website - Instant content with speedy sharing

New Website Concept Approaching Release For Businesses

Bugle Viral Business-Sites

When Viral Is A Good Thing 🙂

How about a member's website where subscribers create content for you?  This concept is working well for specialist niche businesses and where the content is found for you or, members can post text, images, audio and video.

You can even accept advertisements.  Marketing Bugle are piloting this new website type right now ready for general release in a couple of month's time.  Watch this space.  Bugle Viral Business Websites are coming your way.​

To book one (or more) of these special websites, contact us today to reserve you business niche.  Can't find any content?  We can find and post it for you.  The subscribers are YOURS.

Getting Your Promotional Campaign Up and Running ...

Bugle Suite 365 - The Ultimate Sales Funnel Builder +

L A U N C H I N G - N O V 30th - Bugle Suite 365!

Another announcement from Marketing Bugle regarding brand new services … yes 31st Oct will be the launch of both Bugle Ad-Loop and the Online Course websites but, as always with the Bugle team, we never stop and so, prepare for Bugle Suite 365!

Bugle Suite 365 has been a while in the making and something we kept fairly quiet about until it was proven to work faultlessly. Some may be saying, ‘another day, another idea’ but it really isn’t like that at Marketing Bugle as, some of our products have been in development for over a year but, normally, many months. This is because we have them tested and piloted by all kinds of people to test for usability, whether they really do achieve the goal that they were built to achieve and to integrate them with other products or services for maximum results.

Some steps do, indeed, fail and those are the parts that you never get to see as, we won’t use our clients as guinea pigs but, rather, only get to use something we KNOW works. The Ad-Loop programme, mentioned above, was due to be rigorously tested and released early in 2017 but it was an absolute winner right from day one, hence, it’ll be with you at the end of this month.

There are many parts to the Bugle Suite 365 (a suite of programmes that work for your business 365 days of the year) but that are placed into one single funnel to create an all-in-one solution for any marketing campaign.

More details will follow during November but, rest assured, this is going to be big … one of our most powerful promo tools EVER.

Marketing Bugle always keep pricing in mind. To get the same results anywhere else would cost a business, literally, thousands upon thousands of pounds a month but we package it in a way that lowers our costs and these are passed onto the customer.

Bugle Suite 365 will include; A sales letter, Landing page(s), Lead magnet (giveaway), email Autoresponder, Membership portal (giving client access to their purchases), payment integration, Blog, Affiliate centre (get other vendors selling your wares), Support desk (give the best customer support for your clients), full reports and stats so, everything you need to sell your product online while building a subscription list of people who already show an interest in your business niche.

All the above are mobile responsive and fully Search Engine Optimised (SEO).

The Landing page, where you sign-up new email subscribers can be set to GEO target your visitors, contain countdown timers, pop ups, conversion boosters, Social Media Sharing optimised and allowing for unlimited visitors. No more shock invoices because you went ‘over your limit’.

All in all, this is the only system available that can cater for your Sales Funnel, in its entirety, with no requirement for outside ‘added extras’ as everything you need will be available through Bugle Suite 365.

To launch any digital product online using the above marketing tools, but purchased separately, would cost at least £15,000 with an ongoing monthly fee (for as long as the campaign lasts) but, when using the Bugle Suite 365 the investment is a fraction of this.

More details will follow during November.

Bugle Suite 365 Power Tools

Bugle Suite 365

Sales pages

Email Autoresponders

Membership portals



Affiliate portals

Help-Desk support centres

Reporting & Analytics

Complete Sales Funnels

Skills & Expertise

Social Media marketing

Lead generation


Online marketing & Sales

Launching November 30th 2016

Nov 30th Big Launch
Add Bugle Ad-Loop to your marketing.  See responses rise

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This Month's Content - Digital Bugle Issue 201

Digital Bugle Issue 201 Contents

October 31st sees the launch of our exciting new and unique marketing tool, Bugle Ad-Loop.

It’s where the client chooses a page and their promotional message can appear on that very page, no matter where it is.

Existing clients have been running campaigns, as well as us at Marketing Bugle, and the results have been nothing but positive.

The system can even integrate with your existing email marketing service for seamless results.

Your promo messages can run from pretty-well anywhere including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, web pages and email.

The Bugle Ad-Loop programme also has extra Apps attached to ensure you can engage your audience by converting them when already on your website by responding to their behaviour with automatic messaging.

You can also capture visitors by using goal-focused marketing pages that can be quickly created. Clients can promote special offers, capture more email leads, register webinar attendees and much more.

Grabbing attention isn’t a problem as full screen ‘call-to-action’ that show the moment they land on your page.

Once set up, any Bugle Ad-Loop campaign can work non-stop for your business

So, all in all, what does the Bugle Ad-Loop programme actually achieve for you and your business?

It can grow your email subscriber list
Increase sales and revenue
Lower your bounce rate
Run special offers and promotions
Improve Social engagement
Generate more traffic (visitors) to your site

Prices vary, depending on the size and length of your campaign but start at £97.00 per month for the basic level.

You can book your campaign before the launch date so, when we add the ‘Agency’ option, you can have it at no extra charge.

Bugle Ad-Loop integrates with tools that you may already be using


Start A Fire!

Results just in … Bugle Ad-Loop starts working like it’s on steroids when you start Sharing your links over Social Media.

When someone Shares your posts, your link inside each one stays LIVE!

This means that your business can be exposed to new people at all times.

Everyone knows someone who you don’t know or will never know so, Bugle Ad-Loop can get your message out to these people, with ease.

I’ve already spoken of the initial responses from my own tests but, when your posts containing the Bugle Ad-Loop links, are SHARED, Bang! Your promo message really gets out among the potential customers.

Start building your list today … Fast! Go On, Start A Fire!

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